Get the latest technology delivered to wherever you need, anywhere in the world. 

Enjoy world-wide deployment with the same level of support and expertise which we deliver to our UK customers.

We’ll deploy your devices anywhere in the world.

Enjoy expert support, the latest tech, and easy self-service deployment with Devices for Teams.

Global Presence

We're a UK-based company with a world-wide reach. Get in touch to discuss your tech needs.

Local Support

Our global support network ensures you get to speak to those who understand local needs.

ISO 27001 certified

We comply with strict data protection best practices in all countries we operate.

AppleCare Enterprise

Local language priority support, during business hours, for customers using Apple devices.

Worldwide, consistent support in over 50 countries

Self-service deployment for your whole team

Easily configure and deploy a laptop, phone or other device to one of your employees, with their require specifications, apps, and settings, anywhere in the world.

Locally sourced through our global partners 

We strive to ship everything you need from local sources, this includes your devices and support.

Global services and support for business

Self service portal icon

Dave: Our Self Service Portal

Our online portal is the best way to manage your devices, orders, addresses, and more. Be in complete control from the comfort of your office or home.

Click here to read more.

Shepherd MDM mobile device management for global control over all your tech

Mobile Device Management

Manage your devices from a central location – amend user permissions, deploy apps, and lock down devices from anywhere in the world. Tap to learn more.

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Locally sourced and shipped

We’ll ensure your devices come from a local source to minimise delivery times and limit any issues that may arise.

Account Manager image with shield and tick mark

Dedicated Account Manager

No matter how far away you are from our UK team, our account managers will still give you the same time and energy as everyone else.

Global logistics for complete efficiency

We work hard to ensure an efficient and common-sense approach to delivering and supporting your business tech.

Localised hardware

Thanks to our global network of suppliers and partners we can provide businesses with hardware that is localised for specific regions. For example, if you’re in Brazil, your hardware will arrive with a Brazilian keyboard.

Lower shipping costs

We can greatly reduce shipping costs, and speed up deliveries, by leveraging local distribution channels. This enhances the affordability of our Devices as a Service solution, making it an even more attractive option.

Just as customisable

Get your devices pre-configured for the needs of your global team members. We can configure each device in the same way we do with our UK customers, so you can keep things consistent within your global IT infrastructure.

Asset management

Employ an MDM solution to keep all your global devices in check. From usage tracking, permission rules, app installation, updates, and much more, an MDM allows you to control all of your devices, wherever they are in the world.

AppleCare Enterprise

Get your devices repaired or replace by the next business day with AppleCare Enterprise.

Through a network of Apple Authorised contacts, you can easily offset your Mac, iPhone, and iPad repairs while enjoying comprehensive support for your whole team.

Who do I call when I need tech support?

When the time comes for you to call for assistance, get in touch and we’ll be able to forward you onto the correct people in your country.

We rely on a network of global support agents to handle issues outside the UK, meaning you’ll be getting the same level of expert support as any one else. 

Get the stats on device as a service

Recent studies by Forrester, IDC, and Lenovo highlight the rising popularity of DaaS. They suggest that the traditional three-year refresh cycle is too slow for modern businesses and emphasize the benefits of a faster cycle in protecting devices, empowering employees, and improving financial performance.

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DaaS is business critical

Respondents said a two-year refresh cycle is valuable / critical to their organisation.

0 %

DaaS improves productivity

Respondents said adopting a 2-year refresh cycle has improved productivity.

0 %

DaaS improves security

Respondents said their organisation experienced improved security.

0 %

Increased Net Promoter Score

Respondents said their organisation experienced an increase in its employee Net Promoter Score.

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