Make it a memorable first day

Make it a memorable first day

Onboard and offboard staff without faff

Have you got an easy way to give your new starters everything they need to get settled into their role? Is their device the very best it can be for the job? Can they access technical support when needed, and remotely? And can you provide everything within budget?

Devices for Teams meets and exceeds the complex challenges of onboarding staff by sourcing, deploying, and supporting IT devices and systems.

It gives you an easy way to set up your staff the right way, without the faff!

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What do we mean by end-to-end solution?

It’s about having one place for all your needs

Partner with us for all your IT needs as we’ll deliver an unparalleled ease-of-service.

We making it easy for HR and Operations by taking care of everything from financing to supply and support, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind when it comes to giving your new starters the best possible experience.

Devices for Teams gives your staff the freedom to choose from a wide variety of devices, including Apple, Windows, iOS, and Android. We’ll handle every aspect of sourcing, configuring, deploying, and supporting your devices, so you can focus on what matters most – the people in your company.

Trust us to deliver a superior experience for your employees that meets all their needs.

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We make it easy

Don’t let onboarding and offboarding stress you out! We make it easy to set up and remove user accounts, configure devices for any role, and to provide expert tech support.

The best devices

Get the very latest, high-end devices and the option to switch or return them after just 12 months. This keeps your workers on top of their game without ever falling victim to obsolescence.

Zero-touch deployment

Everyone can hit the ground running with zero-touch deployment. This means we pre-configure all software, settings, and permissions on your employees’ devices, so they’re ready to use straight out the box.

Expert support

Our support team will solve any issues you have, whether you’re on Windows or Mac, laptop or smartphone, we’ll make sure everything gets sorted as quickly as possible. Click here to learn more about our expert support.

Your choice of software

We don’t restrict you on which software you can download and install on your devices. If you want a particular MDM or security platform, then have it. Because we understand that IT isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Branded packaging

Add personalised and branded packaging to make remote workers feel more connected to your business. As a complete white-label service, Devices for Teams ensures you maintain a cohesive and consistent brand image.

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Shipping and logistics

Everything will get to where it needs to be

When your workers are spread throughout the country, or indeed the world, you need a way to ship their devices in a quick and affordable way.

Devices for Teams does exactly this, and goes even further.

You won’t need to sort out packaging and a short, 1-hour time slot will be provided to minimise the disruption to your day.

Boomerang: Easily redistribute and recover devices

When employees leave or move elsewhere in the business, you might be left with a device that is no longer in use. With Boomerang, we’ll collect the device, wipe its data, and store it until you need it to be configured and shipped to someone else.

This makes offboarding easy and any concerns over security or equipment retrieval costs are negated. Click here to learn more about Boomerang

Boomerang your devices now
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No more security concerns

Protect company data from anywhere in the world

With proper configuration, your staff will get the software and device settings they need, while also having access restricted to certain items if needed. We deploy devices with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution such as Microsoft Intune or Apple Business Manager.

MDMs give the user the ability to remotely manage devices from a central portal and work with the latest security software to push through updates and bug patches automatically.

What’s more, if a device gets lost or stolen, it can be locked down and a replacement can be prepared if you opt for our Safeguard Protection cover.

Take a look at our MDM solutions.

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The choice is yours

Give your workers the ability to choose the devices they want, and get rid of the ones they don’t

Devices for Teams is built on the principles of flexibility and user choice.

That’s why we make it easy to get the devices your workers want, and let them switch or return them after just 12 months without penalty. Our Switch and Return solution is the most flexible on the market, and provides businesses an unprecedented level of flexibility for their IT kit.

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“…we would highly recommend them.”

Joanne Goodall, CEO at Tag Aviation Europe

“…Devices for Teams felt right because we didn’t know exactly what we needed. We have 25 people now, but we’ll have 40 people in time – and we might want to change devices.”

John, CTO at LloydsDirect by LloydsPharmacy

“…devices arrive at my new employee’s house within a couple of days with the software we request preinstalled. This is a great way of supplying a workforce with up-to-date technology in a cost-effective way. “

Brendan O’Hara, Co-Founder of Untapped AI

“…the service is always excellent, fully recommend.”

Nigel Fox, CEO at Annapurna HR

“…very friendly and helpful. “

Anusan Ariyarajah, Enablement at Tide

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