Dell has a computer for all businesses

Find your perfect match with Devices for Teams.

Dell devices stand out for their blend of reliability, performance, and innovation. As a Dell Gold Partner, Devices for Teams proudly aligns with this commitment to excellence.

Offering a diverse range of devices from robust laptops to cutting-edge desktops, Dell ensures quality and customisation to meet every need. With a reputation for durability and a commitment to sustainability, choosing Dell means investing in trusted technology tailored to individual preferences and professional demands.

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Which Dell device is right for you?

Dell has a range to meet every need. From the high-performance Precision, to the perfect for everyday XPS, there’s bound to be a Dell device to complement your workflow. Here’s a brief overview of each range we offer to give you an idea of the options.

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Dell XPS

With a sleek and lightweight design, Dell XPS laptops are better suited for on-the-go, everyday use.

Dell Latitude

Dell Latitude offer a larger variety of devices, including traditional and 2-in-1 laptops. These are great for everyday office tasks.

Dell Precision

Dell Precision workstations are perfect for  crunching massive sets of data or running CAD software.

Dell XPS

Crafted for versatile performance, Dell XPS laptops effortlessly handle everyday tasks, boasting a user-friendly interface with a streamlined feature set.

Their sleek and lightweight design caters perfectly to the needs of on-the-move professionals, ensuring portability without compromise.

While customization options might be more confined, the brilliance of XPS shines through its impeccable tailoring for daily tasks, making it an ideal companion for seamless productivity.

Dell Latitude

Of the three Dell ranges we offer at Devices for Teams, Dell Latitude is definitely the most versatile. Whether you opt for a classic laptop model like the Latitude 7440, or a 2-in-1 variation like the 7730 Rugged Extreme, Latitude offers flexibility to suit your needs.

What makes Dell Latitude a true crowd-pleaser is its high capacity for RAM and SSD configurations. This, combined with the latest Intel processors, allows Dell Latitude laptops to effortlessly handle multitasking.

Not only that, but with exceptional security measures and a durable build, Dell Latitude devices ensure data protection while enduring the rigours of daily use.

Dell Precision

Experience the pinnacle of power and precision with Dell Precision workstations, engineered for unparalleled performance.

Ideal for engineers navigating complex CAD applications or finance experts handling extensive datasets, Precision is a powerful machine built for intelligent performance.

Boasting high-performance memory, lightning-fast data transfers, and the latest Intel Core/Xeon processors with NVIDIA graphics, Precision devices deliver exceptional power. Rigorously tested for mission-critical reliability, and fortified with ECC memory and RAID capabilities, Dell Precision workstations ensure data integrity.

Dell with Devices for Teams

Leasing Dell devices via Devices for Teams ensures access to tailored solutions and top-notch security. With decades of experience, our Dell Gold Partnership, and our suite of comprehensive services, Devices for Teams makes leasing Dell devices a seamless, productive experience. Find out more below.

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