Devices for Education Teams

Flexible and affordable for schools

Our solution gives schools the devices they want with deployment, financing and support- from a single source.

Tailored to suit your school’s needs, along with your required support and your budget.

Your mix and choice of new IT devices with SafeGuard Protection against accidental damage and theft.

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teacher and their needs

Your Teachers need…

No hassle. Decreased workload. Engaging lessons.

To get on with teaching, reduce their workload and provide each student with a fun and engaging learning experience.

A 1:1 computing solution gives teachers a powerful and capable device for each of their students, which can be used straight out the box. This ensures less time worrying about technology, and more time focusing on student success.

headteacher and their needs

Your Headteacher wants…

Transparency. Simplicity. Reliability.

A clear and transparent finance solution to easily obtain devices for their school without fearing hidden fees or complicated payments.

Have the ability to centrally manage all devices in your school while relying on a trusted partner for IT support.

Devices for Education Teams keeps everything simple for headteachers, as their devices, financing, and support are all provided by a single, trusted partner.

it technician and their needs

Your IT Technician would like…

Security. Manageability. Support.

The ability to centrally manage all devices in their school while being able to rely on a trusted partner for IT support when needed.

Devices such as the Surface Laptop SE are secure and capable that have been specifically designed for schools. Security has been built right into the hardware, operating system, and cloud-based systems that students and school staff will be using daily.

…They need Devices for Teams!

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The one-stop shop solution

Devices for Teams is a one-stop shop solution for the devices, financing and support your school needs to succeed in the digital age.

There are many “myths of leasing” which Devices for Teams thoroughly debunks because of our truly flexible, cost-effective, end-to-end solution for schools. Check out the truth behind the myths here.

We’ll pre-deploy your devices with essential apps and settings, provide bespoke financing to maximise cash flow and offer unrivalled support for any issues you may have.

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Trusted by many

We’re partners with Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, and more.

We have the credentials and reputation that a school like yours needs to see when choosing who to work with.

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Read our FAQs

Read our FAQs or view our case study!

We’ve been in business with Public & Private schools for decades. Our solution always take in mind the currently climate and issues schools face.

Check out our  FAQs or case study with Albany Academy where we provide ipads, support, security, protection, and more!

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1:1 computing for 50p per day per device

1:1 student computing for 50p per day - 270 x Surface Laptop SE

1:1 Student Computer with Surface

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1:1 student computing for 50p per day - 30 x iPad

1:1 Student Computer with iPad

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