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    Secure your business today

    Devices for Teams Safe and Secure bundle combines the capabilities of Microsoft Defender for Business, Shepherd Mobile Device Management and Boomerang; our lifecycle reprovisioning service-all managed from a single source.

    Boomerang device redistribution

    Easily redistribute the devices in your business which no longer have any users. We’ll collect and store them until you have someone new to take ownership, at which point the device will be pre-configured just for that user, and shipped directly to their location.

    Microsoft Defender for Business

    Designed specifically to provide deep learning malware protection for Windows and macOS. Ensuring your device is protected from all forms of sophisticated cyber attacks.

    Shepherd MDM

    Manage your digital flock with Shepherd MDM. This cloud-based solution gives you the ability to manage your devices from anywhere. This means that you can access Shepherd from your laptop, desktop, or even your mobile device.

    How do I become Safe & Secure?


    Lifecycle Device Management

    Smartphones and computers in your estate will pass through many hands throughout their life and our lifecycle reprovisioning service ensures this process is as smooth and easy as possible.

    With our IT lifecycle reprovisioning service, your devices are collected by our team and all data is removed, they are then reconfigured to your choice of software and safely stored until you need them. When you’re ready, we ship each device to their next user at a time and place to suit you.


    Microsoft Defender for Business

    Deep-learning malware protection for Mac & PC

    Provides deep learning malware protection for Windows and macOS, including features such as exploit prevention, Malicious Traffic Protection, CryptoGuard anti-ransomware, Root Cause Analysis, active adversary mitigations, Synchronised Security Heartbeat, Synchronised Application Control and so much more.



    Shepherd MDM

    Manage your digital flock

    Shepherd is a scalable, cloud-based Apple mobile device management (MDM) solution that gives you the power to efficiently manage your Apple fleet. With Shepherd, you can:

    • Enroll devices quickly and easily
    • Configure devices with your organization’s policies
    • Secure your devices with encryption and remote wipe capabilities
    • Deploy apps and content to your devices
    • Track and manage your devices’ usage
    • Receive alerts if a device is lost or stolen

    Mobile device management (MDM) solutions, like Shepherd, can be used to manage both company-owned and personally-owned devices (BYOD). This means that IT administrators can use MDM to ensure that all mobile devices that are used to access corporate data are properly configured and secured.

    Learn about Shepherd

    What’s exactly included in this offer?

    Includes Platinum Support Plan.

    Includes Boomerang Lifecycle Device Management.

    Includes Shepherd MDM

    Includes Microsoft Defender

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