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1 to 1 Parent Leasing for schools

One laptop for every student, paid for by parents on a flexible leasing solution.

Every student in your school needs permanent access to the latest computer devices without breaking the bank, and all lessons need IT.

And what’s better than getting a device from a trusted, single-source supplier, which preconfigures, supports and manages it for you. 

Devices for Education Teams includes Gold Support as standard, with optional SafeGuard Protection asset cover

Our Parent Solution - combatting the digital divide

Provide students with the technology they need to succeed without using your school’s computing budget.

Our Parent Leasing solution will allow parents to choose their device from the school’s personalised catalogue and pay in small monthly payments. What’s more – we will deploy and support the device so you don’t have to.


Monthly fees which don't break the bank


Get 1-hour SLA from experienced engineers

Personalised catalogue

Pick and approve your devices for parents

Bespoke term length

Have the flexibility to switch devices

Ownership option

Parents can purchase devices at the end

SafeGuard Protection

Get covered against the unexpected

Why every student needs their own laptop

of school children say going online is important for learning
0 %
of school children are forced to share a device with another student
0 %
of parents say children have no access to a suitable device for learning
0 %

Statistics from Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes by Ofcom. Download the full report here.

latest education tech

Choose devices from your own personalised catalogue

With Devices for Teams, you have access to Dave, our Client Self-Service Portal for organising a device catalogue for students, which is defined and approved by you, the school.

We hold many accreditations such as Apple Authorised Resellers, Microsoft Gold Partners, and are Dell Gold Partners. We are also members of the Apple Consultants Network, meaning our level of support for Apple devices is equal to Apple themselves.

When it comes to building you approved catalogue, you can choose Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad, and Samsung Chromebooks for your school, for secure, intuitive, and focused learning on the latest computer devices.

The five steps to achieving success

When it comes to considering the adoption of our 1-to-1 Parent Leasing solution, having a dedicated advocate plays a key role in ensuring seamless communication between us and parents. An enthusiastic champion of our solution not only facilitates effective dialogue but also alleviates any concerns that may arise.

Working closely together ensures a smooth implementation and enhances the overall experience for both school and parents.

The Discovery Meeting
We'll arrange a meeting with your school's representative to discuss requirements and rental/leasing options.
Step 2
Presenting to Parents
Your account manager can visit the school to inform parents about the products, support, and ensure everyone is onboard and satisfied.
Step 4
Deploying to Parents
Each device is sent out, pre-configured for the students needs.
Step 1
The Solutions Call
A call will be arranged between of our technical engineers and your school's representative, to go over pre-configuration options, timelines, and lead times.
Step 3
Signing the Agreement
The necessary paperwork can be completed within minutes, and will grant access to a parent order portal via a link.
Step 5

Even more benefits for your school and parents

Set boundaries with an MDM

Use Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools to set up restrictions and manage permissions. Lock things down when needed.

Encrypted Parent Portal

View payments, insurance, warranty claims, and more from a secure, cloud-based portal. Get devices shipped from your approved catalogue in just a few clicks!

Free training for staff

We don’t just deliver computers, we’ll be fully invested in making sure everyone knows how to use them and get as much value as they can. It’s in everyone’s best interests.

DfE Leasing Guidance

The Finance & Leasing Association (FLA), the Institute for School Business Leadership) and the DfE, prepared this guide to help schools make the right choices when leasing equipment.


The education provider contracts computers from HardSoft, along with the support and other services you may have opted for. You then charge parents for their devices minus the VAT. 

The school is ultimately responsible for the of return the devices at the end of the contract. If devices aren’t returned then you are liable for the cost (at a fair market value). Therefore we highly recommend our SafeGuard Protection Cover. It can be challenging and costly to cover devices held by variety of younger age groups across multiple locations.

SafeGuard is inexpensive cover and protects the school from additional liability.

Any compulsory “donation” is not a donation, and no Gift Aid can be claimed. In general equipment appeals, asking for voluntary donations, towards equipment for a department are ok, but when there is a direct link between the “donation” by a parent and a device for their child then Gift Aif is not allowable.

We have laptops and tablets from the world’s leading manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Dell, and Microsoft. Take a look at our Education Devices hub here.

This depends on the devices, support plan, and other services you decide upon. Leasing is a much more affordable way to acquire the latest technology as it doesn’t require a lump sum payment but includes all the support and services that both school and student need. Our Team can build out your needs and get pricing for you.

We offer two solutions, Essential and Premium. Essential is our most affordable solution but does not allow the customer to change devices unless a penalty is paid. Alternatively, at a higher cost, our Premium solution includes the option to Change and Cancel devices after 12 months without penalty. 

Both Essential and Premium include comprehensive support plans.

We will collect the equipment. Assuming all are returned in a satisfactory condition as detailed in our Fair Wear and Tear document then that’s it. 

Alternatively we can calculate the Fair Market Value of the equipment and you opt to purchase or we can arrange financing over 1 to 3 years.

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