Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager

Automate and simplify device deployments in your school

Take control of the devices in your classroom, including apps, settings, and data, to bring your students a managed learning environment unique to them.

Apple School Manager combines with an MDM like Jamf for Education

What is Apple School Manager?

Apple School Manager is a portal for your education devices where you can set up accounts, assign roles, and review device usage, all within a system which links directly to your School Information System (SIS).

Working with a Mobile Device Management platform such as Jamf for Education, Apple School Manager gives you complete control over all the devices in your school when set up with Apple IDs.

If you haven’t considered a Mobile Device Management solution then we can help with solutions from Jamf for Education.

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Purchase apps and books in seconds

Everything you and your students need is in one place in the Apps and Books area of Apple School Manager. Search and purchase the learning content you need, along with the necessary licences, in an instant and have them sent directly to every iPad and Mac in your school.

If your MDM allows it, why not set up a self-service portal so that students and teachers have the freedom to purchase apps and books themselves, from a pre-approved list.

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We’ll keep everything running

Apple Business Manager is designed to be managed by IT departments, but not every school has the time and resources to train staff on a new system and expect them to maintain it. That’s where we come in.

We’ll manage 100% of your Apple School Management, ensuring you can get on with teaching and running your school.

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Individualised learning with iPad

Our one iPad per student solution equips your classroom with 30 iPad devices and a secure charging trolley for easy access to unique learning materials that students of all learning styles can enjoy and benefit from.

Learning on iPad is a unique experience for every student, and our Gold Support package keeps the devices running at peak performance so that you always have instant access to the thousands of apps, books, and browser-based content to suit your lesson plans.

iPad delivers learning content in a way that’s intuitive and manageable for both students and teachers.

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