Albany Academy Case Study

Albany Academy Case Study

Albany Academy in Chorley leases a full Learning Lab from HardSoft, making the iPad an affordable addition to the classroom. The Learning Lab consists of a suite of 30 iPads – ideal for loaning to each class – plus a trolley for convenient storage and safe transportation.

iPad in schools

The iPad offers some obvious advantages, as well as some slightly more obscure ones.

Apple is driving change in schools thanks to its commitment to educational technology.

Schools such as Albany Academy in Chorley are choosing to equip classrooms with iPads because they’re constantly up to date and bring new and exciting ways to learn, create and collaborate far beyond what’s possible with a simple paper and pen.

Naturally, the cost of adoption can be huge for schools that often have a limited budget. But leasing overcomes this limitation.

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Accounting for risk

HardSoft’s SafeGuard Protection cover ensures broken equipment is replaced fast.

Darren McGinnis, the ICT Manager, told us about his experience at Albany Academy: “The bonus with leasing is that the devices can be repaired if they break.” This is the main benefit for the ICT department and the children who use the machines. HardSoft has handled repairs for the Learning Lab quickly to ensure no iPad was taken out of action for too long.

SafeGuard accidental damage cover is ideal for situations where iPads are being loaned out of a pool supply, and it means kids can get the best use from the devices without having to be constantly supervised. Individuals and businesses can also benefit from the same insurance, so they can get out into the field with their equipment and get a fast resolution if disaster strikes.

SafeGuard Protection cover

Other plus points of a Learning Lab in schools

The flexibility, availability and affordability of leasing makes it a great option for schools.

Albany Academy previously used iPads and a Mac mini and has essentially leased the same package from HardSoft. The school believes that, despite running into problems with hardware, the new HardSoft arrangement is a more beneficial one for them.

“The pupils’ enjoyment of learning has increased,” says Darren. “Up to date, high-spec equipment brings in extra pupil numbers.” For teachers, the increased availability means more engaged pupils, and fewer iPads taken out of circulation due to damage.

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Clear and transparent costs

The flexibility, availability and affordability of leasing makes it a great option for schools.

Cost must also be factored in when looking at the differences between buying and leasing. Leasing Apple devices makes the cost manageable, month-by-month, so the school can start using the equipment the moment it signs the agreement.

On the flip side, purchasing iPad at scale, outright, is a riskier strategy that involves higher upfront cost, and there’s nobody on hand for advice or support if there’s a problem with one of the tablets.

Leasing the Apple Learning Lab from HardSoft also entitles you to a free, one-day training session with our dedicated school trainer for teachers.

Free device training

Leasing advice

HardSoft helps businesses, schools, non-profits and individuals realise the power of Apple leasing. All of our leasing customers benefit from affordable instalments, flexible terms and the latest hardware. On some plans, customers can buy their equipment for a nominal fee at the end of the deal.

Whatever you need, we’re here to deliver top-of-the-range equipment at manageable rates. If your school or college would benefit from leasing iPads, contact us today for an assessment of your needs.

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