St. Edmund’s School Case Study

St. Edmund’s School Case Study

St. Edmund’s School was looking for a unique way for parents to finance new IT equipment.

“HardSoft has shown a professional attitude throughout, delivering on everything they committed to. Our Account Manager, Alfie has been great, always available and ready to help. Our first choice, Surface Pro 8 was not originally an option, but HardSoft worked hard to provide this and add it as an option to our custom portal. Any issues that have arisen with supplied devices have been dealt with through the HardSoft support ticketing system very efficiently.” – Dr. John P. Carlin

St Edmunds College

The School

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”.

These words written by George Bernard Shaw, (a one-time resident of St Edmunds), encapsulate perfectly the ethos that every pupil at St Edmunds is instilled with. The original school was founded in Norfolk in 1874 but moved to its current 40-acres site in Hindhead, Surrey.
It became a charitable trust in 1979 and is overseen by a board of governors.

The school encourages their children to be themselves and allows them a voice; most importantly, they listen to what they have to say. Every pupil is taught the values of respect and humility, vital for achieving success in a challenging modern world. Facilities include a nine-hole golf course, indoor swimming pool, all-weather games pitch, and a sports hall. There is a boarding house that provides accommodation for occasional themed boarding nights.

St Edmunds College

The IT challenge we had

Saint Edmunds was looking for a way in which new IT devices could be rolled out to both teachers and students easily and conveniently.

They were looking for an all-in-one solution to provide specific devices with competitive pricing, as well as good finance leasing options for parents and a full support package.
In addition, the provision of an order portal allowing parents to browse and easily order equipment was also required.

St Edmunds College

The solution we got from Devices for Teams

Hardsoft pride itself on being a one-stop solution, and so were able to offer devices, software, finance, and full support to Saint Edmunds. The creation of the order portal for parents was a key factor. This portal not only provided somewhere for parents to order devices directly, but Hardsoft was also able to offer a unique delayed payment option.

This allowed parents to secure devices, pre-term in August, but not have to begin payments until the start of term in September. This was a feature previously unavailable, leading to parents paying for devices before they were being used. Hardsoft has supplied over 100 Surface laptops for teachers to date.

Autopilot and Microsoft Intune are supplied with launch instructions for every device allowing each teacher and student to have their device pre-configured and delivered to the school ready to use.
A full support package is also included with Hardsoft dealing with any issues with parents directly.

St Edmunds College

Our end result

The provision of the ordering portal and flexible finance option helped to convince parents who were not initially very positive about the initiative. This system has now led to a 91% take-up from students.

Hardsoft also provides Saint Edmunds with a regularly updated list of all devices purchased as well as their deployment status, helping the school keep track of all devices being used. Parents specifically requested Surface Pro 8 laptops, which at the time were in scarce supply. Using their strong supply chain, Hardsoft was able to source and offer this model, as well as also providing charging banks, travel cases, and water-resistant sleeves to protect the lifetime of each device.

Hardsoft was also able to help factor out historical issues with older device management by putting in place a new digital strategy. This strategy provides rental banks to enable any teacher to use any device within the school as well as providing full training and test lessons to help staff get familiar with the new technology.

As each device is pre-configured and delivered to the school directly, each user simply collects their device, download software and settings, and start using it immediately.

St Edmunds College

The devices & software we use

Microsoft Surface 8 pro:
The Surface Pro 8 is the first Surface Pro built on the Intel® Evo™ platform and is designed to make the most of Windows 11. The Surface Pro 8 combines the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet, with the iconic Kickstand and detachable Keyboard. Also supplied with built-in Slim Pen storage and charging.

Microsoft Intune:
Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that focuses on mobile device management (MDM). You control how your organization’s devices are used, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. You can also configure specific policies to control applications.

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