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Debunk the myths of IT leasing

Did you know, leasing computers for your school is affordable, flexible, and completely transparent.

Devices for Teams redefines what you think you know about leasing and has been 40 years in the making. It’s IT leasing for schools reinvented.

Myths education quick fees


It's too time consuming

My teaching staff will get bogged down with paperwork and lots of organising.


Quick and easy

It takes a few minutes to complete the paperwork. We’ll work with you to arrange deployment. It’s faff free.

Myths education cost neutral fees


It’s too expensive

Schools don’t have the budget for new computers, let alone paying inflated leasing prices.


Cost-neutral solutions

It’s no more expensive than buying yet has the advantages of inclusive Support and inexpensive Insurance.

Myths education zero fees


Can’t change devices

Leasing doesn’t give us the chance to change equipment without financial penalties, leaving us with outdated tech.


Switch without penalty

Give your staff and students the tech they need when they need it. Switch, add, or return devices as your IT needs change.

Myths education cost switch


There’s hidden fees

Setup fees and surprise admin costs always show up and bring a lot of heartache.


Zero hidden fees

There are no unexpected costs. It’s transparent as we’re also the leasing company for added assurance.

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