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Prepare your school with Devices for Education Teams

As schools navigate tough economic decisions, maintaining a robust investment in computer technology is crucial, even amid potential challenges such as a proposed removal of VAT-free status for independent schools.

Modern schooling relies heavily on computer devices for building essential digital and technical skills, ensuring students are well-prepared for success in the job market.

As this is a factor parents consider when choosing an educational institution for their children, let Devices for Education Teams handle everything you need to maximise your digital offering.

Why choose Devices for Education Teams?

It's more than just hardware

Investing in the latest computer devices means you’ll need to plan for configuration, support, and maintenance throughout their lifecycle.

Devices for Education Teams is our all-in-one solution that covers financing, deployment, support, training, and more for your school.

It allows you to maximise the advantages of cutting-edge technology without the need for additional investments in supporting resources for maintenance.

We also offer the flexibility to cancel early or switch to different devices as needed, all without penalties. This ensures you can adapt to evolving educational needs without constraints.

latest education tech


We'll provide all the funds you need for your new tech with our in-house finance solutions.



We'll deploy all your devices with education software, restrictions and any other settings you need for use in the classroom.


Our asset protection cover is here to keep you moving in the event of accidental damage, theft, and other mishaps.


Expert Support

We're Apple, Surface, and Dell partners, so we give the same level of support that you can expect from the manufacturer's themselves.

self service portal

Self-Service Portal

Build up a catalogue of your devices to easily get more deployed when needed. Manage all your devices from a central location.

switch or return

Switch or Return

Switch to something different or return what you're not using, without penalty. All your devices can be returned after 24 months.

Read our Education Funding Whitepaper

Learn about everything your school can do to minimise the effects of a possible introduction of VAT for Independent Schools.

Devices for Education is the perfect solution to help offset the effects of no longer being VAT-free

Potential VAT on school fees looming? Devices for Education is the perfect solution to help offset the effects of no longer being VAT-free.

spread the cost

Spreads the cost

Maintain a healthier and more predictable cash flow and create greater financial stability and flexibility.

simplifies your accounting

Simplifies your accounting

Pay a single direct debit for your devices, support, and other services, all from a single source.

tailored to suit your budget

Tailored to suit your budget

Anticipate and allocate funds more effectively, instead of facing large, irregular expenses.

operation expenditure

Operational expenditure

Your payments will be considered operational expenses, which can be deducted as business expenses, contributing to cost savings.

Trusted by Thousands

Devices for Education Teams is an all-in-one solution provided by HardSoft Computers, a company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Our ISO 27001 certification ensures we prioritise data security at all levels, having put into place a number of processes and protections to keep your data safe.

We’ve got a number of school case studies which prove how effective use of our DaaS services can help schools make the most of technology. 

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