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Choose the tech you want. Give the lessons they need.

We don't limit you to any particular device or manufacturer, pick the devices which best suit you and your students.

Our top devices for education are iPad, Surface, and Samsung Chromebooks. These devices are designed for learning environments and bring about a truly unique way to digest information and engage in class.

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The benefits of having the tech you want

Top level security

The very latest hardware and software security standards come with every device.


When every student is using a brand new device, everyone is on a level playing field.


Students are motivated to put their modern devices through its paces.

Switch when ready

The latest devices quickly get dethroned, so it's important to have an option to refresh.

Microsoft Surface

Surface is designed to revolutionise hybrid learning, offering a budget-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise on performance. Surface is packed with features to help students excel in virtual classrooms while fitting easily into their backpacks.

Choose the Surface Pro, or Laptop Go; built for schools from the ground up. With a sturdy build, secure software, and designed with education in mind, they’re a great choice for schools.

Microsoft surface for education

Apple iPad

Apple iPads offer a unique and intuitive way to interact and absorb learning materials. They can be easily taken to any learning environment and teachers can control them centrally with ease.

Privacy, accessibility and sustainability are built right into iPad as core principles. Student data protection is also a priority, which is assured through many privacy features like Apple School Manager, and a managed Apple ID. 

iPad devices have several built-in apps for teaching, learning and creativity in the classroom and many schools worldwide have already implemented iPad into their daily classes. 

Apple iPad for education

Samsung Chromebook

Chromebooks offer access to Google’s vast education app ecosystem and can handle various tasks, including word processing and video editing. They boot up quickly and come with the Chrome admin console, making them manageable at scale for educational institutions.

Samsung offers a diverse lineup of Chromebooks suited for every student, educator, and budget. They work closely with school districts and tech integrators to find the right technology solutions, ensuring uninterrupted learning regardless of where classes are conducted.

google Chromebook for education
teacher training on laptop

Get trained on your new devices

We offer a range of training sessions for teachers and staff to learn all about their new tech and make sure they get the most out of it.

Deployed and delivered straight to the classroom

Our deployment team will make sure all your devices are set up how you need them to be, this means that any apps, settings, security software, and even any hardware configurations are in place and ready to use straight out the box.

We'll make it secure

We'll ensure the latest security solutions are installed and ready to defend your devices against cybersecurity threats.

Out the box ready

With zero-touch deployment, you just log in and all of your apps, settings, and more will be in place and ready to use.

Shepherd MDM

Enrol, configure, and update all your devices at once with a mobile device management (MDM) tool like Shepherd by HardSoft.

Apple School Manager

When it comes to deployments in school, Apple School Manager ensures you stay in control over every app and setting.

Apple Consultants Network

Our support team are members of the Apple Consultants Network, meaning the service you expect from Apple, you get from us too.

Simple device redistribution

Got a device which no longer has a user? Throw it back to us for safe keeping. We'll reconfigure and ship it back when ready.

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