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    Devices for Greener Teams is your ticket to net zero.

    Get 30 low-energy devices for £208  +VAT per week and have the ability to recycle old devices, the flexibility to future-proof your device strategy and achieve your environmental aims.

    5x MacBook Pro 16″

    The energy-efficient and sustainably manufactured MacBook Pro 16″ is one of our most popular devices and it’s no wonder with its powerful M1 Pro chip able to perform to a high level while consuming very little energy.

    10x ThinkPad L14 Laptops

    ThinkPad L14 is a powerful entry level device for enterprise which scores highly across multiple ecolabels, achieving Gold for EPEAT and an 8.0 on Energy Star.

    15x Fairphone 4 Smartphone

    Fairphone is certified by FairTrade and Blue Angel, the first time a smartphone has been certified by either organisation. With its 100% recycled plastic back, eco-friendly packaging and modular and repairable design, the Fairphone 4 not only good for the environment, but the user too.

    Greener Solutions

    Trade in or recycle old devices with our handy collection service or upgrade your existing machines to something more energy efficient to save on bills. we’ve got a number of solutions to support you on the road to becoming a carbon-neutral business.

    30 Green Devices
    £208 per week

    5x MacBook Pro in bubbles

    5x MacBook Pro 16″

    M1 Pro with 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD.

    The enclosure of the MacBook Pro 16″ is made from a 100 percent aluminium and the device as a whole consumes 58% less energy than the Energy Star energy efficiency requirement. The lifecycle carbon emissions equates to 349kg while the levels of plastic is greatly reduced on previous generations.

    The final assembly supplier sites of the MacBook Pro 16″ do not generate any waste to landfill and considerable effort has been taken to create packaging which is 96% recyclable.

    MacBook Pro 16″ proves that energy-efficiency and sustainable manufacturing do not have to impact on the performance, usability or lifespan of a device.

    View Apple’s environmental report on the MacBook Pro 16″

    EPEAT TCO Energy Star
    Gold No data Certified

    What’s this?

    10x Lenovos in bubbles

    10x Lenovo ThinkPad L14

    AMD Ryzen™ 5 PRO 4650U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, AMD Radeon Graphics, Win10Pro, 14″ Full HD

    The ThinkPad L14 is a powerful device for business and Lenovo publicly discloses the lifecycle carbon footprint and the analyses it uses to assess their products. This greatly helps businesses to quantify their own environmental impact.

    The estimated carbon footprint for this particular ThinkPad is 567kg of CO2 and it is rated Gold by EPEAT and certified by TCO and Energy Star.

    The Thinkpad L14 is RoHS compliant meaning it has been tested for banned substances which are hazardous to the environment.

    Learn about the Lenovo Thinkpad L14 Environmental Statistics

    EPEAT TCO Energy Star
    Gold Certified Certified

    What’s this?

    15x fair phone in bubbles

    15x FairPhone 4

    256GB, 8GB RAM, 6.3″ Full HD+ Screen, Removable Li-ion battery, Dual 48MP rear cameras, 5G Enabled, Android 11 OS.

    Fairphone 4 is highly repairable, with zero parts being glued together and only standard screws being used. Its modular design allows for the changing of various components, helping to greatly extend its life beyond that of other smartphones.

    All packaging is plastic-free, incorporating a high level of paper and carton, while vegetable ink is used for all printing.

    Learn about FairPhone 4 in their own words

    EPEAT TCO Energy Star
    No Data Certified No data

    What’s this?

    A solution with everything you need

    Setting sustainability goals is easy, meeting them is the tough part. There’s no need to go it alone.

    Devices for Greener Teams takes full advantage of our Premium Teams solution which is perfect for growing businesses as it allows you to add new devices when you need them and switch out older machines for newer ones, ensuring you’re using the latest, fastest and greenest tech.

    Learn about Premium Teams
    Eco labels

    The why, how, what and where.

    We use three expert and highly reputable ecolabels to determine green credentials.

    We rely on several, well-established and reputable certification organisations, known as ecolabels, to identify the best-rated devices based on their entire lifecycle, from material extraction to manufacture, use and maintenance and eventual disposal.

    The three devices above are among the best performing according to the data and we’re more than happy to

    Discover the world of ecolabels
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    The green difference

    There’s more to being green than energy-efficient devices.

    From purchasing a Pre-Loved laptop to using us to recycle your old desktops, we’ve got many ways for you to advance your green credentials and lead the way to a net-zero future.

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