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Get your business to net zero sooner

Offsetting your carbon will work alongside putting your plans in place to reduce emissions and set you on a speedy path to be net zero.

Devices for Teams provides end-users with access to the latest and most innovative technologies such as MacBook, Mac Studio, Lenovo, Dell and more as part of a cost-effective, flexible and sustainable strategy for growth.

CO2 offset for your existing devices
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Recycle and continue the cycle

We have an easy-to-use recycling service to help you get rid of old and unusable devices from your business. If you’re unsure with what to do with your old Windows or Apple devices, then recycle with us and enjoy the financial and ethical benefits.

Once the kit has been collected, we will check it over and wipe any data from the machine. We will then send it to a facility where it will be sorted, graded, and prepared to be broken down into parts.

Learn more about recycling your old IT
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How do I offset my devices?

The process is simple – when you’re choosing the devices for your teams, we’ll ask you if you’d like to buy an offset for some or all of them.

Make sure to ask us about the devices you already own as well, as we might be able to offset the carbon from those, too!

Speak to us about Carbon Offsetting

Why choose to offset your carbon?

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Offset the carbon cost for every hardware transaction at the point of leasing your device. We will do all the work and account for each device’s average emissions. No need to lift a finger on your part.

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Take your future emissions in your business into consideration. Becoming greener is no easy foot and that’s why we offset emissions associated with device production and average lifecycle.

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To create a more sustainable future, you have to think green. Let nothing go to waste especially your hardware. Simplify meeting the standards of governance with clear and detailed data provided to you.

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Your carbon offset contribution can be tracked and confirmed. Each device you lease, the serial number is tied to the environmental project its supported by. The manufacturers of the devices have done the math for you.

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The manufacturers work with a range of partners, including United Nations Climate Change projects, so you can trust the impact and integrity of the environmental projects your business is supporting by offsetting your devices.

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Help your business on its journey becoming net zero. It’s not just the environment that benefits from sustainable business practice. Contribute to a more sustainable future within your business and the planet.

Devices for Greener Teams

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Get 30 green devices for just £208 per week

Getting you to net zero sooner

Our Devices for Greener Teams solution gives you 30 devices which have been accredited by experts to be among the greenest and most sustainable on the market.

This solution gives you 5x MacBook Pro 16″, 10x ThinkPad L14 Laptops, 15x Fairphone 4 Smartphone as well as a number of green solutions from our recycling service to Add, Switch and Return, where you can get newer and cleaner devices when they become available.

Get your Devices for Greener Teams

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