Two green offers:
Devices for Greener Teams

We’ve got  offers to help you with reducing carbon emissions in your office. 100x Lenovo ThinkBook 15 and 10x MacBook Pro.

We’ve calculated the total CO2e for these offers for your convenience.

100 lenovos green carbon offset offer

100x Lenovo Laptops for £440 per week

Add an extra £13.20 per week to offset all the carbon these devices produce over a three-year period.

The ThinkBook 15 uses advanced 12th Gen Intel processing power combined with AI technology to deliver a unique and productive workhorse.

Lenovo makes information on the lifecycle carbon footprint of all their devices easily accessible online, so anyone can independently verify the claims and helps towards calculating carbon emissions in your business.

The estimated carbon footprint for the ThinkBook 15 447kg of carbon and is rated Gold by EPEAT and certified by TCO and Energy Star.

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10 MacBook Airs green carbon offset offer

10x MacBook Pro for £113 per week

Offset the carbon dioxide, produced over the next three years by all ten devices, for just an extra £3.39 per week

Designed with the environment in mind, The MacBook Pro uses 100% recycled aluminium for it enclosure and other recycled rare earth elements in all the magnets. There is zero use of harmful substances and the packaging is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

What’s more, Apple is extremely forward with the environmental impact of its devices, publishing information around their supply chain and overall device lifecycle.

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premium teams in green

A solution with everything you need

Setting sustainability goals is easy, meeting them is the tough part. There’s no need to go it alone.

Take advantage of our Premium Teams solution and get full support and device configuration, the option to return up to 50% of devices after just 12 months, and green offers to help you with your net-zero goals.

Devices for premium teams is our best solution for growing businesses, giving you the fastest, most efficient, and greenest devices when you need them.

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