Carbon offsetting
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Your 3% offset contribution is invested into providing clean energy production in Brazil through the construction of wind power plants.

Wind turbines in Brazil

Clean wind energy for Brazilian communities.

The Brazilian states of Piaui and Pernambuco will be greatly benefitted from new wind power plants being built in these areas. They will provide clean and renewable electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and will go towards the area achieving its Social Development Goals (SDGs) as set by the UN.

The project also helps transform local communities and increases a sense of shared value which will last for many generations to come.

Map of Wind Turbine project in Brazil

The project’s focus.

The socioeconomic and environmental co-benefits of this project are listed below and show that carbon-offset projects have an impact in many different areas other than the environment. The project focuses on the needs of local communities and is helping to deliver better circumstances for those living in the area, which will generate shared value for all.

Wind turbine in Brazil

How wind energy helps fight global warming

As wind energy doesn’t require the burning of fossil fuels, it is considered emission-free. Renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, etc., are essential to limiting global warming and securing energy supplies for the future.

To calculate the amount of emissions saved by this wind power project, and others, we work out how much CO2 would be released by generating the same amount of energy using standard energy production methods for the region.

Contributing to UN
Social Development Goals (SDGs)

Brazil Good Heath Icon

Good Health and Well-Being

Access to educational support on health topics is provided, donation of ambulances to municipalities.

Brazil Education Icon

Quality Education

Training and further education of teachers, construction of a new school including infrastructure, improvement of the quality of community education.

Brazil Clean Water Icon

Clean Water and Sanitation

Drilling and rehabilitation of wells, construction of pipelines, awareness campaigns on water use.

Brazil Sustainable Cities Icon

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The project additionally generates income for landowners and thereby increases and diversifies land productivity and stimulates the regional economy.

Brazil Climate Action Icon

Climate Action

The project saves an average of 650,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Brazil Partnership Icon

Partnerships for the Goals

Development of social capital by engaging community members and developing a relationship with the project.

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    Your offset investment will go towards wind energy generation in Brazil. Over 14 wind power plants have been built and the project is independently monitored to determine the precise amounts of carbon saved.

    Read more about the Brazilian Wind Energy project here.

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