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Carbon offset your new and existing devices with our Carbon Offset Service. Submit your existing devices using the form below and we’ll calculate the emissions and cost to offset them for you.

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    Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch to tell you how much carbon your devices produce and what the total cost of your offset will be.

    Your offset investment will benefit projects around the world, with our first project being wind energy generation in Brazil. Over 14 wind power plants have been built and the project is independently monitored to determine the precise amounts of carbon saved.

    Read more about the Brazilian Wind Energy project here.

    we make carbon offsetting easy for you

    We make carbon offsetting easy for you

    We can offset the CO2 produced by your new devices for just 3% extra. If you have existing devices then we can offset those too – just fill out the form and we’ll do the calculating and get you a quote.

    Once your offset is processed, we’ll send you an email with your downloadable CO2 reduction certificate as proof.

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    What happens when you offset your carbon?

    Offsetting your carbon isn’t just about planting trees, we invest in projects which have a lasting, beneficial impact not only for the environment, but for local communities and the wider economy.

    Although CO2 still enters the atmosphere from your devices, by investing into offset programs, you are preventing the same levels of CO2 from entering the atmosphere in other parts of the world, so that over time there is a steady reduction in CO2 emissions and eventual reversal.

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    Speed up your journey to Net Zero

    The UK is aiming to get to become carbon neutral, as laid out at the global 2015 Paris Agreement to keep average global temperatures from rising higher than 2°C.

    This means that businesses need to put into place systems to prevent their own CO2 emissions such as reducing the use of heating and air-conditioning or sourcing energy efficient IT equipment.

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    What’s in it for you?

    The topic of global warming and climate change is becoming all too common in the public eye. This will only become more prevalent over time and will have a drastic effect on how people make their purchasing decisions.

    Therefore, companies which act now to reduce their overall carbon emissions and provide truly transparent data on these processes will be in a much more favourable position than those that don’t. The consumer will have all the power and will likely drive companies to take action, whether they want to or not.

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    Our process is simple and cost-effective

    We make carbon offsetting extremely easy. Just ask a member of our friendly sales team about offsetting your new devices, and they’ll add the required 3% so you can invest in our select environmental projects.

    Devices for Greener Teams

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    Start your journey to Net Zero

    Get 30 eco-friendly devices for £208 per week

    You can get 30 green devices for just £208 per week with our Devices for Greener Teams solution.

    Accredited by experts, these devices rank among the most eco-friendly devices on the market, achieving multiple ecolabel badges for their low-energy performance.

    Get 5x MacBook Pro 16″, 10x ThinkPad L14 Laptops, 15x Fairphone 4 Smartphone for your business as well as a number of green solutions from recycling to Add, Switch and Return, where you can get newer and devices when you need them most.

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