Sustainable IT Solutions

Make it easier for your business to achieve its environmental and sustainability goals by switching to a greener IT solution. We’ve got all the tools and experience to give you a head start on the way to net-zero.

Switch devices

Switch or Add

Don’t wait for the end of your contract
Switch to something greener now!

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Trade-in & Recycling

Trade-In and Recycle your old devices
for cash or carbon offset!

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Carbon Offset

Begin your journey to net zero
Give back to the planet

boomerang (lifestyle management)

Repurpose Devices

Extend the life of existing devices with Boomerang

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Delivery & Logistics

Speedy delivery of hardware without hurting the planet

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Green devices

Greener tech is just as fast, if not faster and is cleaner for the environment .

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Add and Switch

Take advantage of the latest developments in IT by adding or switching to new devices

Switch. Add and Return devices as your business needs change. By having the option to change your devices throughout the term of your lease.

You can make sure you’re always using the cutting edge of green eco-friendly devices. Don’t wait 3 years to begin your journey to Net Zero.

Learn about Switch, Add, Return
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Trade-in & Recycling

Recycle your old devices for cash or carbon offset equivalent

Want to rid yourself of old devices but believe they still hold value? Trade them in for something greener, faster and less power-hungry with our Trade-In solution.

We’ll recycle any number of devices with a maximum payment of £1000 or can give you the equivalent in carbon emission offset. We’ll even handle the packaging and collection, so that recycling becomes your easiest option when wanting to get rid of old machines.

Find out about Trade-ins
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Carbon Offset

Balance out your carbon footprint

Every device you purchase will have already produced a certain amount of CO2 into the atmosphere from its manufacture and delivery, and will continue to produce more carbon emissions throughout the lifetime of its use.

All this carbon can be offset by investing in various environmental projects which bring about a reduction in overall CO2 emissions. It is not a simple matter of just planting more trees.

Offset your new and existing devices
boomerang greener teams

Boomerang: Repurpose your devices

Extend the life of already purchased device with our Boomerang service

We can help you process and re-allocate devices to new employees, cutting out the need to order new devices from our suppliers, saving on energy, fuel, time and money. We will collect a device from one user – whether at the office or working from home – and wipe it clean, reformat it and pre-configure its settings. We’ll then ship it out to your new end-user ready to use and ready to go!

Extend the use of your devices
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Delivery & Logistics

Speedy delivery of hardware without hurting the planet

We use the most energy and fuel-efficient couriers in the country to ensure we’re staying as green as possible through the entire lifecycle of your order. We also use 100% recyclable packaging and are constantly badgering our suppliers on what they’re doing to further improve environmental performance.

Green devices

Greener tech is just as fast, if not faster

We can supply the greenest devices on the market to help businesses meet their environmental commitments and to reduce the pollution, waste and social harm often associated with the IT industry.

Start your journey to Net Zero

Learn more about green solutions

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    We’re green in more ways than one!

    Start the race to net zero

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