Scale up or down your IT without penalty

Exclusive to Devices for Premium Teams, Switch, Add, Return allows you to equip your joiners, upgrade your movers, and quickly offboard your leavers, without penalty.

Subscribe to a new way of thinking when it comes to your business tech with an all-encompassing DaaS solution with Devices for Teams.

Scale down when needed

Don't get stuck with unused devices once the offboarding process is complete.

Add more of the same

Get more of the devices you already have, deployed within 24 hours of request.

Change your devices

Switch to better-suited devices when your business needs change.

all your devices, services and software for one payment per month

Scale up your IT kit as you scale up your business

You have the flexibility to include your preferred device in either our Essential or Premium solutions whenever the need arises.

From day one, you can seamlessly integrate new devices of your choice – whether they’re Apple smartphones, Lenovo laptops, or Dell desktops – added to your setup without any faff.

The process involves minimal paperwork, and there are no administrative fees. Simply add the necessary device, and we can typically ship it within a day or two.

add devices

Adapt to evolving pressures by switching to something better

Update all your computer devices to meet evolving requirements after just 12 months.

You can easily transition between PCs and Macs, or switch between laptops and desktops to adapt to your changing business needs and employee preferences. Make these transitions with confidence, knowing there are no hidden fees or penalties.

Furthermore, this flexibility allows you to embrace the latest advancements in green technology by adopting more energy-efficient devices. Click here to explore our eco-friendly device options.

This exceptional capability is a hallmark of our Devices for Premium Teams solution. Call 0203 970 4994 to learn more.


switch devices

Offboard leavers and return their devices without penalty

You can return up to 50% of your devices after 12 months without any penalties.

In today’s dynamic business environment, it’s challenging to foresee the future direction of your company, or who’s going to come and go.

What sets our Premium solution apart is the ability to return any surplus or obsolete equipment without incurring any penalties. This contrasts with a traditional purchase model where you might end up discarding devices at a loss to your organisation.

With Devices for Premium Teams, you only pay for what your business actually uses. This allows you to refocus on your core objectives without unnecessary financial burdens.

return devices

The benefits of Devices for Teams


Choice of Solution

Affordable, flexible, OpEx-friendly solutions suited to your business needs.

All under one roof

Get everything from a single source where 98% of customers get approved

industry leaders


We've won awards for the solutions we provide to our many happy customers.


Inclusive Support

Gold 360° support with every device, including remote device management

carbon offset

Carbon Offset

Carbon-offset your devices and help your business achieve net zero

family business

Trusted partner

Over 35-years’ experience partnering with Apple, Microsoft, Dell and others.

More from Devices for Premium Teams

Embrace a Device as a Service solution which guarantees unrivalled flexibility, allowing businesses to scale up or down after just 12 months.

Gold Support as standard

Our comprehensive Gold Support plan gives you access to experts in Windows, Apple and other devices, with 1-hour SLA from a ticket-based helpdesk. 

Extra services when needed

Need to repurpose a device or control them all from a central location? We’ve got all the services you need to round off your IT infrastructure. Get in touch today

A trusted IT partner

We’ll help your business succeed by being there when you need us. We’re regulated by the FCA and are ISO 27001 certified for added data protection assurance. 

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