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Change devices when needed

Don’t be forced to use a device no longer suited to the job at hand, and don’t be left with devices you no longer need – with Add, Switch Return, you can optimise your technology estate to best suit your current needs. No penalties, no faff. 

Just send back what you’re not using, and switch those which need to change, all as part of our Devices for Premium Teams solution.

Scale up your IT as your business grows

When you choose the devices you need for your business, we ensure each one is configured and deployed with the software, settings, and hardware you need to get the job done. 

We’re completely brand agnostic, so you’re completely free to choose whichever devices you want.

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Switch to something better when needs change

Keep up with the rapid advances in technology by switching your devices every 12 months.

Change PCs to Macs, or switch between laptops and desktops with no hidden fees. Take advantage of faster speeds and more efficient processing to increase workloads and improve your green credentials.

Offboard leavers and return their devices without penalty

Make sure you’ve got a plan in today’s dynamic and often unpredictable business environment – get the flexibility to return up to 50% of your devices after 12 months without any penalties.

With Devices for Premium Teams, you only pay for what your business actually uses. This allows you to refocus on your core objectives without unnecessary financial burdens.

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The benefits of Devices for Teams

monthly payment

Single Direct Debit

Enjoy the affordability of OpEx monthly payments for your tech, support and more.

switch add return devices

Switch, Add, Return

Always have the devices you need as your business scales up or down.

Device Enrolment

Get the settings and software you need, deployed to each device prior to shipping.

Unlimited Choice

Choose your mix of devices from a range of manufacturers based on your business needs.

40 years

Trusted partner

Over 40 years of experience and accredited by ISO 27001 and The Finance & Leasing Association.

all under one roof

All under one roof

Get everything from a single source and manage it all with our self-service portal.

Let's talk

Our friendly and certified team is here to understand your business’s tech, finance, and operational needs, recommending the best solutions and services for you.

We’ll provide a quotation, demonstrate our self-service portal, and begin onboarding.

With a focus on customer experience, you’ll receive your e-sign agreement within an hour and get your new devices within 24 hours.

You can call us on 0203 970 4994, email us at or fill out the form in the button below.

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