A bespoke faff-free DaaS solution

A bespoke faff-free DaaS solution

Devices for Teams is the UK’s #1 Device as a Service solution for businesses which need a flexible and reliable source for their IT.

We give you the freedom to Switch, Add, or Return computers when your needs change, and provide inclusive, expert support to keep everything running.

It’s DaaS with ZeroFaff!

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CFO, CTO, HR and their benefits

Leasing, but not as you know it

IT leasing reinvented…

Businesses want to understand what the differences are between traditional leasing and Device as a Service. Our Device as a Service solution, Devices for Teams, is leasing reinvented! Leave behind the mountains of paperwork and additional costs and reach for our flexible and inclusive end-to-end DaaS solution.

Whether you look after tech, finance or HR, we understand how critical flexibility, affordability, speed, and transparency is to you and your business. Devices for Teams is an affordable way to get the latest tech deployed and shipped to your teams with the ability to Switch, Add, and Return devices, so you can scale up or down.

We’ll also support, pre-configure and manage your devices so you can concentrate on running your business.

Introducing Devices for Teams

Benefits cash flow

Tax and cashflow

Affordable, flexible, OpEx-friendly monthly payments

benefits flexible

Switch, Add, Return

Always have the devices you need as your business scales up or down

Apple Business Manager

Inclusive Support

Gold 360° support with every device, including remote device management

Carbon Offset

Carbon-offset your devices and help your business achieve net zero

benefits partner for 35 years

Trusted partner

Over 35-years’ experience partnering with Apple, Microsoft, Dell and others.

HSL all under one roof logo buildings

All under one roof

Get everything from a single source where 98% of customers get approved

Our support plans, safeguard, trade in trade up, boomerang, carbon offset solutions icons and more!

A made-to-order solution

Multiple solutions which are flexible and affordable

Our Devices for Essential Teams and Devices for Premium Teams solutions are designed for all types of businesses which need affordability or flexibility over a 3-year lifecycle.

Inclusive support with every device

Each of our solutions includes our full Gold 360° Support on every device, including three-year hardware warranty, loan devices, and ticket-based helpdesk. Upgrade to Platinum for even more control.

Repurpose your devices for new users

Give your vacant devices a new lease of life with our Boomerang service. Throw the devices back to us to be wiped clean and redeployed for new starters and freelancers.

We’re partners with the biggest names in the industry

We offer the latest high-end software solutions to bring efficiency, collaboration and security to your business and employees.

Carbon Offset or Trade-In your devices for greener outcomes

We’ll help you on the road to reaching Net Zero by offsetting the carbon emissions of your existing devices or taking old computers off your hands in exchange for something newer.

Build your own DaaS solution

The UK’s #1 Computer Leasing and DaaS Provider

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Working with

We take care of 7,000+ Clients, With over 40 years of experience we are able to provide the UK’s #1 computer leasing & Device as a Service solution.

Providing the finance, support, deployment & more! All under one-roof.

We empower businesses who need the ability to add, switch, and return devices as their business needs change and only pay for what they use. We look forward to working with you!

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