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Our sustainable IT solution replaces power-hungry devices with low-energy alternatives, without sacrificing on performance, and will be a necessary component towards achieving your sustainability goals.

We rely on several, well-established and reputable certification organisations, known as ecolabels, to identify the best-rated devices based on their entire lifecycle, from material extraction to manufacture, use and maintenance and eventual disposal.

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What on Earth is an ecolabel?

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An ecolabel is a simple way for non-experts to see if a device meets a range of environmental standards, without having to analyse the complex data from which the rating was established.

Through raising consumer awareness, ecolabels can have wide-reaching and influential benefits on their respective markets, with rating methods being transparent and verifiable.

HardSoft’s choice of green devices are based upon ratings from three separate ecolabels: EPEAT, TCO, and Energy Star. As well as Apple’s own private label.

These labels are well respected and have strict, expert-led criteria which manufacturers must meet to get their products certified.

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ISO 14024 and Type 1 ecolabels

EPEAT and TCO are Type 1 ecolabels, the guiding principles of which are established by ISO 14024. Type 1 labels are voluntary, multiple-criteria based, third party programme that awards a license authorising the use of environmental labels on products. These labels indicate overall environmental preferability of a product within a particular category, based on life cycle considerations.

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How each ecolabel compares

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(Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool)

EPEAT is a global environmental assessment tool for the IT sector. It uses a bronze, silver and gold rating system where a bronze product would have met less than 50% of the required criteria, while a gold rating is awarded to products which meet 75-100% of the requirements.

View EPEAT’s assessment criteria
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(Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees)

TCO Certified is a world-wide, complete sustainability certification and doesn’t use different levels of attainment. Products are verified on several criteria including responsible manufacturing, user health and safety, and product performance.

View TCO’s assessment criteria
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Energy Star

Backed by the US government, Energy Star is a symbol for energy efficiency, to help consumers and business make informed decisions on the products they buy. Computers and other electronic devices which are Energy Star certified, are more likely to save buyers on their energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment.

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Apple’s rating system

The approach Apple is taking commits them to becoming carbon-neutral on all their devices by 2030. This means all the energy produced by every MacBook, iPhone and iPad, will be offset through green initiatives all over the world. Apple’s M1 is the most energy efficient chip currently on the market, and they make public their aims on recyclability and material sourcing on their website.

View Apple’s carbon-neutral objectives
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How green are we?

HardSoft is on its own journey to a more sustainable future.

We’ve reduced our reliance on non-renewable energy, switched to electric vans, use 100% recycled packaging and offer a number of green solutions such as Pre-Loved devices and a recycling service.

These are just some of our efforts towards creating a more sustainable future, not only for ourselves, but for our customers and the wider community.

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