Reason No.1

We now provide bespoke financing for our customers. Since we created HardSoft Leasing Ltd, we now have over 700 customers. This is our One-Stop solution meaning all of your direct debit payments, paperwork, and delivery of hardware is all handled by us. This makes it easier so you have only one point of contact for all your needs.

Reason No.2

Getting the right IT equipment can go a long way. Supply your workforce with the latest Apple & PC devices and watch your teams impact increase. Pay for high-end, expensive devices so your team can work productively without the upfront cost.

Reason No.3

Whether it’s 10, 100 or 10,000 Devices, Mac or Windows, iPhone or Laptop. We can enrol, configure and deploy your teams’ devices! Whether its JAMF, Auto-pilot, or Apple Business Manager as part of your solution we can ensure your teams devices are receive tailored to their needs, straight out of a box!

Reason No.4

Easy E-Signed paperwork. Don’t get caught up in paperwork, Find all your expenses under one simple monthly invoice, No Hassle, No Faff.

Reason No.5

You can part-exchange your Apple or Windows PC! When you trade-in your old desktop or laptop, you will receive cash or a discount when you choose a new solution with Apple or Windows PC!

Reason No.6

Protect your devices from unexpected events such as theft, fire, flood, and accidental damage. The SafeGuard Protection cover gives you peace of mind and ensures you and your team are never without a device.

Reason No.7

Our highly trained and experienced Engineers who are part of the Apple Consultant Network will pro-actively understand the issues you have, understand your growth plan and then put in place the solutions for your needs.

Reason No.8

Switch or Return your devices! Switch Windows to Mac or vice-versa… Switch Laptops to Desktops or vice-versa. Return devices, We live in changing times. It’s difficult to predict where your business is heading.

Reason No.9

Most finance services have hidden costs, We don’t. No Admin fees, No Hidden Fees. We are a one-stop-shop. No Faff.

Reason No.10

We are offering FREE 72-hour trials on selected Mac and Windows PC’s. Road test the latest IT equipment and see first hand what this high-end tech can do for your business!

Reason No.11

We pride ourselves in our Support to our customers. from being in the Apple consultancy network to having 35 years of experience in leasing. All devices come with our Gold 360° Support wrapper with the option to upgrade for a more comprehensive solution.

Reason No.12

Our solutions allow you to pay for your devices via a small monthly OpEx friendly package over 36 months. You can add devices anytime and both include Support & Deployment. Find your solution with our Essential plan or Premium plan today!

Reason No.13

We are committed to doing everything we can to help the environment. We’ve made changes to a number of our internal operations such as logistics and packaging, but we didn’t stop there! Choose from either Recycling, Trading-in existing devices or choosing our Pre-Loved devices.

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