Solutions to suit
smaller businesses

HardSoft has solutions to suit all business sizes. If you are a business with less than 40 employees, we offer ‘Flexi-Lease’ and ‘Pure Rental’ solutions. Call 0203 970 4994 to discover more.

Designed to give you full control

Change, Continue, Cancel

HardSoft have a unique leasing solution where you have 3 options during your lease designed to give you full control throughout. When you get to two years, your account manager will get in touch and go through your options.

With technology updating at such a rapid pace, the Flexi-Lease solution allows you to change after 24 months of leasing. This gives you the option of getting a new machine whilst keeping the old one. If you have reached the halfway point in your lease, you can change at any time or continue with your lease. Complete your lease as agreed and pay the final year, then for just £1 + VAT, you can have ownership of your equipment.

If you choose to return your Macs, we can cancel the last year of your agreement. However, there is some small print on how this can be done and a charge of £75 to collect and data erase the device.

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No fuss & No commitment solution

Get up to a 30% discount when you opt to return your device at the end of your lease agreement

If you prefer the option to send back your equipment after your lease and want to prioritise affordability over flexibility, HardSoft’s Pure Rental leasing option is the perfect option!
You will still receive our 360° Service Wrapper and we will simply collect your equipment at the end of your lease.

This leasing solution offers our customers another way to spread the cost of expensive hardware that is required for their business – making this solution easy and hassle-free.

No fuss, No mess, and No hardware responsibilities. Pure Rental really is that simple.

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