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As we move slowly out of the pandemic, its become apparent to HardSoft that during the panic of the rapid shift in work culture, many organisations deployed new devices without great thought as to eventual suitability or purpose.

Many employees were suddenly working remotely, bringing different needs to a companies IT structure. It was vital that employees could stay as productive from their new Work from Home workplace, as they would in their office.

The sudden need for different IT hardware mean that securing devices against Spam and Ransomware was possibly an afterthought. Now is the time to get it right! We offer security solutions from Barracuda, Sophos, AVAST, and more!


Gavin and Scott

Meet our team!

Gavin and Scott lead our Solutions Engineers Team!

Meet our highly trained, highly experienced Solutions Engineers! Scott Harrington joined us straight from school, and now over 25 years later is our IT Director! Gavin Calder has been with us for over 12 years, and is our on-site field engineer!

Our Solutions Engineers want to pro-actively understand the issues you have, understand your growth plan, and then put in place the solutions that are scaled to suit your needs.

We want to ensure you have the right hardware and software for your teams.

Apple consultants network

Apple Consultants Network

We don’t just claim to be Apple experts… Apple have confirmed it!

Our Solutions Engineers are proud to be part of the Apple Consultants Network, which is an exclusive group made up of independent technology service providers specialising in Apple solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

As members of the Apple Consultants network, our Apple expertise has been validated by Apple themselves, and allows us to have access to exclusive channels to seek valuable knowledge, allowing us to provide a greater serve to our customers.

As part of this network, our engineers can help identify the best Apple technology to meet your business needs! Our engineers are also able to set up and support your IT solutions for the duration of your lease!


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Whether it’s Apple or Windows, out tech specialists are here to help! It’s free, and our team can talk through your IT setup, address any concerns, and recommend the best fit for your organisations needs!

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