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Devices for Teams is the unparalleled DaaS solution for Windows devices with boundless flexibility for your business. Give your teams the Dell, Lenovo, HP and Microsoft Surface devices they need. Strengthen productivity and efficiency – without hurting cash-flow!

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We are Gold Partners with Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, and Dell.

We have been certified with all premium PC manufacturers for over 15 years – offering SME’s, Scaleups and Corporates flexible leasing solutions for all their needs. Choose from a range of desktops, laptops and tablets – whether a Dell Latitude, Lenovo ThinkPad or Surface Laptop. With our 35 years’ experience in leasing and Device as a Service, we are able to offer businesses a straight-forward and flexible DaaS solution to fit both their tech, finance and business needs.

What’s more, we will use zero-touch deployment via Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune, to ensure your teams are working on day one! Optimise your IT budget and protecting cash flow. Finance, Tech and Teams HAPPY!

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Benefits of Devices for Teams for Windows devices.

Unrivalled Flexibility

Essential and Premium Solutions your Surface, HP, Lenovo and Dell devices as your business needs. Flex up or down and only pay for what you use!

Financial Success

OpEx friendly DaaS packages for your Windows devices provides financial freedom and liberates cash flow. The predictable monthly packages also include full support so you can avoid future additional costly repairs.

Deployment & Support

We configure, deliver, support and maintain every Windows device – so you don’t have to! We will use zero-touch deployment via Windows Autopilot and support your devices throughout.

Supercharge Productivity

Every team has the latest and personalised devices they need to produce their best work. No more depreciating assets.

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Ready to scale up? Let's get started!

Devices for Teams and Scaleups

We are experts in helping Scaleups and Startups with their voyage of growth. Whatever point you’ve reached in your fundraising cycle – we can help you. Avoid paying upfront for devices for your new teams and pay monthly via our flexible DaaS solutions. We appreciate the dynamic culture of your business and can help you flex up and down devices – without penalty.

We also recognise that Scaleups and Startups accounts can look different to a traditional business. Our own finance company, HardSoft Leasing, has complete autonomy and flexibility to help you.

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Devices for Teams & Windows Services

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