Business Friendly Terms

Business Friendly Terms

Enjoy transparent and flexible terms designed to put you at ease

Forget about the headache of confusing phone and SIM plans.

With Phones for Teams, everything is handled in one place by us, with clear, transparent communication. And we take the time to explain and define all the terms, so you’re never in the dark.

add switch return with phandy icons

Switch and Return without a penalty

A flexible solution fit for your business

Supercharge your teams with the right devices for the right project at the right time.

Phones for Teams provides businesses with unrivalled flexibility within a Device as a Service solution. ADD, SWITCH, and RETURN devices as you need, only pay for what you use!

Choose Devices for Premium Teams, and have the option to return up to 50% of devices after 12 months without paying a penalty!

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Plan for the future with confidence

Teams change fast, your tech can too.

React and adapt to any situation. With one and two year contracts available and the option to cancel any time with a 60-day notice period, you won’t be stuck in a 3 year contract if an employee leaves, there’s no need to panic.

Your SIM and business mobile plans are separated and the phone is unlocked. Giving you the freedom to move devices and SIMs around in your business.

EU data roaming is available with our O2 simcard

Ready for take-off

Borders won’t interrupt your business

EU Roaming is included with our O2 SIM Cards. No messing about, it just works! Use your minutes, texts and data, just as you would in the UK. Whether you’re calling home or local numbers, it’s all included.

If you need roaming in further destinations such as the USA, Canada or Australia, you’re free to roam as you please with World Travel Select.

We’ll always work to find the best suited SIM plan for your business, with our Limitless Global package available for consistent long-distance travellers.

personal phones for teams service

Personal Service

Your business is more important than our bank account

The prices of your SIM plan, phones, rates, data, and roaming charges, as well as any applicable deals, will always be clearly communicated. Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to ensure that your plans and lease always fit your business strategies and interests.

If you plan to roam abroad or make calls to international or premium numbers, let us know and we’ll update your plan to help manage your spending.

No surprises

We’ll make sure you’re clued up in advance

Ever had a bill bigger than you expected?

Maybe you’ve had to pay a hidden fee for a repair?

With Phones for Teams, you’ll never get caught out. Our service is comprehensive and we don’t cut corners. We always make sure to recommend the best plan for your needs.

Extended warranty and support are included as standard.

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