Premium D4T

Devices for Premium Teams includes…

      For businesses wanting a flexible solution to fit        their business needs always.

      Full support & device configuration on all devices

      Switch, Add & Return devices with no penalties!

      Option to return up to 50% of devices after 12        months – no penalties!

      Supercharge teams with the right devices for       the right project at the right time.

      Protect your devices against theft and        accidental damage with Safeguard Protection

     Low-energy devices and eco-friendly
           IT solutions align with your Net Zero goals.

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D4T Benefits

What’s more?

Devices for Premium Teams also includes our ‘Support Wrapper’ within the affordable OpEx friendly monthly package. This includes pre-configurations, deployment and remote diagnostics. We ensure your devices are configured to meet your needs before receiving them.

We will then continue to support and manage your devices through their lifecycle. Support includes 3-years warranty, tech support and loan devices. We offer services such as installing images, asset tagging, Mobile Device Management solutions, and deployment tools including Apple Business Manager and Microsoft Autopilot.

Our Service Level Agreement

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