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Devices for Teams is built for scaling businesses, with flexible solutions, expert support, and the latest tech to bring about the change you want, all from a trusted partner.

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Switch, Add, Return. When you need to scale up, upgrade your existing kit, or scale down, our flexible solutions have you covered.

Start with flexibility

switch devices

Upgrade your devices

Devices become obsolete over time, and you don't want to become stuck with a computer which can't.

add devices

We grow with you

Add more devices as your business grows. Our solutions grow with you and won't hold you back.

return devices

Scale down without penalty

We know that businesses scale in both directions, which is why we don't penalise our customers for needing to reduce their kit.

Give your workers the freedom to choose any device

Benefit from our partnerships with industry giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell, and Samsung and get access to cutting-edge technology and the latest innovations to drive your scaleup business forward.

Explore our hardware partners

We do more than just devices

Flexible options

Easily switch and return devices according to changing needs.

Trusted partner

We have over 40 years experience, ISO 27001 certified, and members of the Apple Consultants Network.

Inclusive support

You'll be in safe hands with our knowledgeable support team, who know everything about your devices.

End-to-end solution

Get the financing, supply, pre-configuration, devices and support, all in one place!

Added services

From Carbon Offsetting to Mobile Device Management, we've got even more services to enhance your solution.

Optional cover

Protect your devices against accidental damage and theft with our SafeGuard Protection Cover.

Explore the growing trend of subscription based IT

Recent research by Forrester, IDC, and Lenovo highlights the growing popularity of Device as a Service solution such as Devices for Teams. 

They suggest that the traditional three-year device refresh is inadequate for today’s business landscape. 

Adopting a faster refresh cycle can safeguard devices, empower employees, and enhance profits.

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It's all affordable and easy to manage

Spread the cost of levelling up

Manage cashflow by spreading costs over time instead of a large upfront investment. This ensures you have the capital needed for other growth-related expenses.

Obsolescence is obsolete

Devices for Teams offers flexibility to scale your hardware resources up or down as your business grows. This agility prevents technology bottlenecks that could hinder your expansion.

Shift and adapt without hesitation

Stay current with the latest hardware trends without the burden of purchasing and owning assets. This enables you to quickly adapt to market shifts and customer demands.

Predictable budgeting

Operational expenditures, like tech from Devices for Teams, offer predictability in budgeting. Fixed monthly payments helps you plan with greater accuracy, eliminating the uncertainty associated with unexpected capital expenditures.

It's time to build your very own DaaS solution

Devices for Teams is our device as a service (DaaS) solution and gives your scaleup the opportunity to pick and choose any device, a level of flexibility, your tier of expert support, and any additional services.

With Build a Solution, it’s easier than ever to let us know all the above, in five easy steps. Click below and start building!

Trust us to scale your business

Devices for Teams is backed by 40 years of experience, guarantees complete data protection, and is transparent from start to finish.

A reliable partner

Our track record of satisfied customers spanning four decades speaks to our commitment to providing top-notch service, which is why so many of our clients continue to return to us.

Partnered with tech giants

Our partnerships with industry giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell, and Samsung open doors to cutting-edge technology to help fuel your innovation, and outperform the competition.

Regulation and security

Your peace of mind is our priority. We’re regulated by FCA and our ISO 27001 certification guarantees data security. With us, your operations are safeguarded with the utmost care.

Proactive support

We’re more than just a tech provider – we’re your partners in growth. Our support starts straight away, with meticulous IT planning to seamless implementation and continues through your entire lease term.

Embracing the future

Staying ahead is key in the tech landscape. Devices for Teams doesn’t keep up, it leads the way. Our dedication to the latest tech trends ensures that you’re always ahead of the curve, ready to seize new opportunities.

Ethical business values

As proud members of the Good Business Charter, we always promote fair working conditions, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability. We’re also a Carbon Neutral site as declared by ClimatePartner.

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