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Manage your digital flock with Mobile Device Management

Experience the power of Shepherd: The scalable, cloud-based Apple mobile device management solution for unparalleled productivity.

From device enrollment to configuration and security, Shepherd empowers you to efficiently manage your Apple fleet with ease. Discover the unmatched convenience and productivity that Shepherd brings to your business.

Get shepherding today!

The watchful eye for your Apple herd

Add new users with ease

Onboard new team members securely in under 5 minutes, with a ready-for-business device equipped with necessary apps, configurations, and security settings.

Setup and go instantly

No more cumbersome app purchases or content distribution. Shepherd ensures your team is always ready-to-go and the device they are using is compliant.

Frictionless device onboarding

Removes the need for internal IT teams to unbox and install software, the devices can be shipped directly to your employee’s home address where the devices will auto enrol into your MDM at first startup.

Shepherd MDM manages your apple devices with ease.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software solution that allows IT administrators to manage and secure mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. MDM solutions typically provide a variety of features, with Shepherd being no different:

  • Device enrollment and provisioning
  • Application management
  • Content management
  • Security and compliance management
  • Remote wipe and lock
  • Reporting and analytics

MDM solutions can be used to manage both company-owned and personally-owned devices (BYOD). By using an MDM solution, IT administrators can ensure that mobile devices are properly configured and secured, and that company data is protected.

The secret to Mobile Device Management

Control your whole fleet of devices

MDM provides visibility into managed devices, allowing IT admins to configure, secure, and wipe data remotely.

Improved data and device security

MDM safeguards mobile devices, restricts apps and device use, enforces strong passwords, and encrypts sensitive data.

Reduced costs

MDM saves money for organisations with bring your own devices & choose your own device policies by providing secure device management and freeing up resources.

Faster redeployment

Quickly reprovision and return devices to service after a change in staff, lost/stolen or faulty machine.

Also see our Boomerang service.

Apple Business Manager integration

Enjoy automated device enrolment with Apple Business Manager. Devices can be shipped directly to users home address, knowing they will automatically enrol into your company policies and applications.

Always up-to-date

Roll out critical apps, software, and settings based on the user’s company role, instantly over the air.

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Ask us about Shepherd MDM iOS

For you flock of iPads and iPhones

If your Apple estate is already managed with an MDM solution, then it might be worth considering that your iOS devices should have the same treatment.

With Shepherd iOS, you get all the same level of control over your iPads and iPhones as you do with our original Shepherd MDM solution.

So get in touch today and speak to us about Shepherd MDM iOS.

Learn more about Shepherd iOS
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Does your company need an MDM platform?

As more and more companies use Apple products, IT admins are struggling to manage them. An MDM platform can help you streamline device management and free up IT resources.

With an MDM platform, you can:

  • Manage devices en masse
  • Enforce cybersecurity requirements
  • Free up IT resources

If you’re struggling to manage your Apple devices, Shepherd is the solution for you.

The benefits of Devices for Teams


Easily reprovision existing IT devices for new staff, wherever they are.

Inclusive Support

Gold 360° support with every device, including remote device management

Switch, Add, Return

Always have the devices you need as your business scales up or down

ISO Accredited

We’ve been accredited to ISO 27001 to prove we take information security seriously

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Trusted partner

Over 35-years’ experience partnering with Apple, Microsoft, Dell, and others

All under one roof

Get everything from a single source where 98% of customers get approved

Apple business manager works with Shepherd to deliver a comprehensive mobile device management solution to your whole business

How does Apple Business Manager and Shepherd work together?

Apple Business Manager (ABM) is a cloud-based service that helps IT admins manage and secure Apple devices at scale. It provides additional control over device enrollment and app distribution, and simplifies reprovisioning and recommissioning.

Devices for Teams is an Apple Partner and our Apple Consultants specialise in Apple Business Manager. We can help you set up and manage ABM, and we offer a variety of services to help you get the most out of your Apple devices.

A sheep with sunglasses and floating holographic icons representing the Shepherd MDM solution from Devices for Teams

Do I need an MDM if I have an RMM?

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools are not as effective at managing and securing Apple devices, leading to a lack of control and security management. Most RMMs only allow inventory tracking and remote control, neglecting crucial tasks like patching, enforcing security policies, and protecting against cyber threats.

Using HardSoft’s Shepherd MDM solution alongside an RMM tool for Windows devices ensures standardisation and efficient management of all devices on your network.

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