Devices for Teams is the unmatched Device as a Service Solution for Mac, Windows, Dell, Lenovo and any other device you need for your business. A leasing solution that delivers flexibility, unrivalled support and financial freedom for your business.

Switch, Add or Return devices as your business needs change and pay just for what you use – without penalties.

And, what’s more, we will deploy, configure and support your team – so you don’t have to!

Chief technology officer with benefits as illustrations

A Chief Technology Officer needs…

Support. Freedom. Trust.

A CTO needs fast, secure and reliable devices with a Support Plan designed for their business from a trusted and experienced partner, which works seamlessly with the IT department.

They’ll also need the freedom to switch devices when needed and pre-deploy them with apps and settings to suit each individual role, while being able to manage each device remotely using a comprehensive MDM solution.

…they all need
Devices for Teams!

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