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We present two distinct support plans within our comprehensive Devices for Teams solution.

Our Gold 360 package comes as standard for all customers, encompassing essential support features. Or, enhance your support experience by opting for our Platinum 360 plan, which extends additional premium support services.

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We pride ourselves in our Support to our customers

Our Gold Support is included with all devices on our Devices for Teams solution – if you require more, we also have our Platinum support too.

Why our Support Plans are different to anyone else?

Since 1984, we have been a flagship lease company helping businesses grow and succeed without compromising their structure. We are also a One-Stop Computer Leasing company that has our own HardSoft Leasing Limited Company so you can have everything under one roof.

We offer support for your 3rd party tech – if you have devices that aren’t supplied by us, we can cover our customers with our 360° Support with either our Gold or Platinum support packages.

Our support plans – an overview

Gold Support Plan

Gold 360° Support

Our Gold Support package comes as standard for all Devices for Teams customers, and has everything you need to support your devices and get you set up. It includes the following:

  • 3 years hardware warranty
  • Loan device
  • Ticket based Helpdesk with Unlimited UK Remote Tech Support
  • Access to Online Support Portal
  • Support Incident Response SLA – 1 hour
  • Apple Business Manager
  • MDM Device Management Setup
  • Access To Solutions Mentors
  • Annual Onsite Visit
  • Pre-Configured Devices
  • Available on Existing Devices

Download our Support Plans here to find out more.

Platinum Support Plan Lifestyle

Platinum 360° Support

If your business requires a more comprehensive support package, then our Platinum 360° Support package is right for you. It includes all of the above as part of our Gold service, and you’ll also receive the following:

  • Boomerang (Lifecycle Management)
  • Quarterly Strategic Security Review
  • User Cloud Backup Solution
  • Quarterly Activity Reporting

Download our Support Plans here and find out more.

Gold and Platinum compared



Unlimited UK Remote Technical Support


3 Year Hardware Warranty

This warranty is inclusive of all parts and labour. If your machine is faulty we offer, at no cost, a ‘Collect and Return’ service; whereby our courier will be sent in the next day after a fault has been reported and will return the equipment to us for repair. *For devices not supplied by HardSoft or devices over 4years, Hardware cover is not included.


Ticket Based Helpdesk

Technical support by emailing Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm.


Access To Online Support Portal

24hr access to our online knowledge base and support portal.


Support Incident Response SLA

Technical Support Response time for incidents via our ticket system.


1 hour


30 minutes

Apple Business Manager

Manage your organisation’s devices, apps, and accounts.


MDM Device Management Setup

Help from our Solutions Team to setup your Mobile Device Management solution to automate one touch deployment.


Access to Solutions Mentors

Our Solutions engineers can help answer your burning strategic or IT project questions.


Annual Onsite Visit

Book a HardSoft engineer to attend one day, onsite, per year at your office.


Pre-Configured Devices

Before we ship your new devices we can pre-configure any software or enrol into your MDM solution before the users receives their new device.


Available on Existing Devices

If you have devices from us or from a 3rd party supplier, we can provide Gold or Platinum support. *For devices not supplied by HardSoft or devices over 4 years, Hardware cover is not available.


Ongoing MDM Device Management Support

Ongoing support from our Solutions Team to setup and manage your Mobile Device Management solution – JamF or Intune. Included with MDM licenses.




Boomerang Lifecycle Management

Recycle your existing devices and give to new starters, we can collect wipe and revision the device before shipping to the new user directly.




Remote Consultancy Hours

Book a one to one consultancy session with one of our Solutions Team.




5 Hours per Month

Sophos Central Anti-Virus

Sophos Central Anti-Virus and Ransomware Solutions to protect your devices.





SafeGuard Protection Cover

Get complete peace of mind with HardSoft’s SafeGuard Protection – giving you complete protection on your devices if it becomes damaged due to liquid spills and accidents.





User Cloud Backup Solution

500gb of Cloud backup storage via LiveDrive for your users.


Quarterly Activity Reporting

One of our strategists will analyse your ticket history and provide advice.


Quarterly Strategic Security Review

One of our strategists will review your device security and provide advice.


Included FREE with any D4T Lease.



per month +VAT

Under 50 Users


per month +VAT

Over 50 Users


per month +VAT
Terms and conditions on our Support Plans
Gavin and Scott

Our Solutions Engineers

Get exclusive access to our Microsoft-certified solutions engineers Gavin & Scott, who are also members of the Apple Consultants Network, on our Gold and Platinum packages. They have been with us for over 30 years combined and have a huge wealth of knowledge on security software, deployment, and technology.

Our Support team will help you solve your IT issue and challenges. You can book a free Microsoft Teams Session with one of our experienced Solutions engineers.

Alternatively, if you just want to have a review of your current Support Plan and want to know how to upgrade, or what other options you have, our support engineers are on hand to help.

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Deployment & Pre-configurations

Included with your support plan is the enrolling, configuring, and deploying any software and security you have opted for on each device. As part of the Devices for Teams solution, we can ensure that your team receives the devices tailored to everyone’s precise needs, so they can get to work straight out of the box.

Choose a Device Deployment Service:

  • Apple Business Manager
  • Microsoft Autopilot
  • Samsung Knox

Then choose a Mobile Device Management for your devices:

  • Shepherd MDM
  • Jamf Pro
  • Microsoft InTune/Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

All of our MDMs and Deployment services can be put onto any device you have from us.

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All the software you need

We’ve got all the software you could ever need for your business, whether it’s for your creatives, admin team, finance department and more.

We ensure your business’ data is private and secure, as per our ISO 27001 certification. Get peace of mind that whichever software or solution you opt for, your data is perfectly safe.

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Helpful services for your teams


Boomerang: Redistribute your existing devices

Reuse your previously unwanted devices with Boomerang. Ship them to us, we’ll store them, and when you’re ready, we’ll reconfigure and deliver.

Click here to learn more.

shepherd mdm

Shepherd MDM

From enrollment to security, Shepherd streamlines Apple fleet management in the cloud, delivering unmatched convenience for your business.

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Global Asset Cover

Our SafeGuard Protection Cover ensures things keep running when the unexpected happens. From accidental damage to theft, fire, or flood.

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Flying Squirrel

Backup your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace with our Flying Squirrel Cloud Backup service, and control your data with the user-friendly online portal.

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carbon offset

Carbon Offset

Edge your business that little bit closer to carbon neutrality by offsetting the carbon emissions of the devices you choose, all for just 3% extra.

Click here to learn more.

trade in old devices for new


Many devices have high residual value and can be traded in to reduce the cost of your next agreement. Trade in phones, Mac, and PC devices!

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