1:1 pupil to laptop solution from Devices for Teams and Surface SE

A 1:1 Surface Laptop SE solution for 50p per day, per student.

Devices for Teams is the affordable 1:1 student laptop solution that takes care of the deployment and management of 270 devices for your school, while providing unrivalled support from our expert team.

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

Designed specifically for schools, the Surface Laptop SE will provide your students with a whole new way to engage in the classroom with the use of an extremely durable, easy to manage and highly secure laptop device.

Support and protection

We know that setting up 270 laptops is no easy task, which is why each device can be pre-deployed, making them ready to use straight out the box. And our Gold Support package will ensure you have access to the expertise needed to maintain so many devices.

Discover how you can easily govern student access across devices in the Microsoft 1:1 device workshop, where we’ll cover:
– How to deploy and manage a 1:1 device approach with tools such as Microsoft InTune and the new Surface Management Portal
– Windows 11 SE management and security
– The new affordable Microsoft Surface SE designed specifically for Education

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      What’s included with our Surface solution?

      270x Surface Laptop SE

      The Microsoft Surface Laptop SE is a slim and lightweight device designed for the classroom. Its 11.6″ screen, durability and high reparability make it perfect for students to get on with learning in a flexible and sustainable way.

      Windows 11 SE comes preinstalled and offers the latest Microsoft 365 applications as well as approved learning software so you can be sure your students have the tools they need to succeed.

      Microsoft has built security right into the Surface Laptop SE, from the device and software to the cloud services you can be confident that your students will be safe and secure all year round.

      Surface laptop se with a drop tech case on an illustrated background

      270x DropTech Carry Case

      The DropTech carry case is designed specifically for Surface Laptop SE and offers all-round durable drop protection even while the device is being used.

      xioxi charging trolley on an illustrated background with Microsoft laptop SE ontop

      9x zioxi Charging Trolley

      The zioxi Charging trolley provides charging and storage for 32 Surface Laptop SEs.

      Surface Laptop SE can be stored horizontally in the charging trolley on shelves, making access easy and with only a short length of power lead presented to each shelf.

      The zioxi charging trolleys and carts have lockable doors with digital code locks.

      Microsoft Intune

      270x Microsoft Intune for education licences

      When you need to manage the desktop and mobile devices of your school, configure and assign apps to students, control how students and teachers access and share information, or apply school security requirements then Intune for Education has you covered.

      Microsoft Intune for Education is a comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool that gives you complete control over all the devices in your school or organisation.

      Access the Intune for Education portal and see real-time statistical information about each individual machine under your control.

      Inclusive Gold 360° Support

      Our Gold support package for your Surface offers has everything you need to support your devices and get you set up. It includes the following:

      • 3 years hardware warranty
      • Loan device
      • Ticket based Helpdesk with Unlimited UK Remote Tech Support
      • Access to Online Support Portal
      • Support Incident Response SLA – 1 hour
      • MDM Device Management Setup
      • Access To Solutions Mentors
      • Annual Onsite Visit
      • Pre-Configured Devices

      Inclusive SafeGuard Protection

      With Devices for Teams SafeGuard Protection, a damaged or lost laptop can be repaired or replaced to minimise the disruption to the school day.

      Our highly trained and experienced technical team are on-hand to offer you the assistance you need, when you need it, and ensure you have a brand new replacement device as soon as possible.

      SafeGuard Protection covers against theft, fire, flood, storms, vandalism, electrical disturbances and even falling objects.

      Click here to see a full summary of our SafeGuard Asset Protection policy.

      devices for education offer products in bubbles

      What’s exactly included in this offer?

      Almost everything for an average size Primary School.

      270 x Surface Laptop SE (with N4120 CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD)

      270 X Gumdrop Droptech cases for Laptop SE

      9 X Zioxi Charging Trollies (32 bays, digital lock)

      270 X Intune for education licences

      Plus Gold Support Plan that includes a comprehensive warranty.

      Plus SafeGuard Protection covering Accidental Damage and Theft

      Plus Predeployment using Microsoft Intune, delivery, unboxing and setup. Followed up by 2 days roll out of Devices by our engineer working alongside the School, to include initial Staff training.

      Total Cost £4106.25 plus VAT per month for three years. No additional fees.

      At the end of the contract we will collect the Devices or the school may choose to purchase some or all of the items at a Fair Market Value. Please read our guide to the End of Contract options.

      Tell us what you need and we can help.

      Apple trade ins


      Achieve a 1:1 laptop to student solution for less than 50p per day.


      Inclusive Insurance

      Cover for accidental damage and theft with our SafeGuard Protection.

      Apple Business Manager


      Get the learning started without worrying about setting up your devices.

      360 support plan

      Inclusive Support plan

      Don’t let a faulty device or a gap in knowledge interrupt your lessons.

      Insurance on Apple devices

      Get on with teaching

      Utilise technology and support that fits right into your lesson plans.

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      35 years experience solving problems for hundreds of different industries.

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