Hybrid working with Surface Laptop Go - i5/256GB SSD/16GB RAM + Mobile Broadband for just £5 per week

It’s DaaS without any FaaF…Get a Surface Laptop Go for your teams

The Surface Laptop Go with Mobile Broadband is perfect for your on-the-go teams. The Surface Laptop Go included with this offer:




Surface Laptop Go
i5, 12.4″ Touchscreen, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Surface Laptop Go for all your teams

Choose your DaaS Solution – Devices for Essential or Premium Teams

Devices for Essential Teams
1 x Surface Laptop Go with Mobile Broadband for £4.70 + VAT per week

3 year lifecycle on your devices.

No option to return or change the device on your 3 year lease.

Microsoft devices to suit your budget.

Devices for Premium Teams –
1 x Surface Laptop Go with Mobile Broadband for £5.00 + VAT per week

For businesses that need a flexible solution to fit the needs of their teams always.

Options to change your device after 12 months – with no penalty!

Options to return up to half the devices you have on your lease after 12 months – with no penalty!

Hybrid your teams with the right devices at the right time.

Choice of Apple, Microsoft & Windows devices with any spec.

The benefits of DaaS

The concept of DaaS (Device as a Service) allows businesses to pay monthly for their hardware instead of buying the devices upfront

Many companies have crossed over to this way of getting their hardware from a supplier as it also comes with support and management on the devices as well as giving them cash flow benefits.

Devices for teams offers a flexible approach to leasing. This allows your business to flex up and down when you need to throughout the agreement (*Premium only). You will also receive a complete 360° Support Wrapper which includes deployment, pre-configurations and remote diagnostics.

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