Arm your team with the devices to succeed - Surface Pro 7+ with Typecover for £6.49 per week

It’s DaaS without any FaaF…1 x Surface Pro 7+ with Typecover

Arm your team with the right devices to succeed from only £6.20. DThe perfect Surface Pro 7+ included:

Surface Pro 7+
11th Gen i5, 12.3″ display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 4G LTE

Surface Pro 7+ with Typecover for your teams

Choose your DaaS Solution – Devices for Essential or Premium Teams

Devices for Essential Teams
1 x Surface Pro 7+ for £6.20 + VAT per week

3 year lifecycle on all devices.

No option to return or change the devices on your 3 year lease.

Microsoft devices to suit your budget.

Devices for Premium Teams –
1 x Surface Pro 7+ for £6.49 + VAT per week

Businesses that want a flexible solution to fit the needs of your teams always.

Options to change your devices after 12 months – no penalty!

Options to return up to half the devices on your lease after 12 months – no penalty!

Arm your teams with the right devices at the right time.

Huge choice of Apple, Microsoft & Windows devices on any spec.

The benefits of DaaS

DaaS stands for Device as a Service

We offer a unique and flexible DaaS subscription called Devices for Teams that is tailored for dynamic, high-growth businesses. Just tell us what you need, choose your delivery and installation date and enjoy the benefits of the Devices for Teams solution.

Discover what Devices for teams can do for your business. With over 35 years of experience, we offer businesses a unique way of leasing their hardware instead of paying a one lump sum upfront for devices.

Get multiple devices for a single monthly subscription. Add, change and return devices whenever you need to on our Premium solution.

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