Unrivalled Flexibility

Flexible and affordable solutions to provide your scaling business what you need. Add, Switch, and Return devices as and when you need.

Cash-Flow Friendly

Liberate your cash flow by paying monthly for your Apple devices instead of upfront. Don’t pay extra for full support when you have it all included with your DaaS solution. Have financial freedom with our OpEx friendly solution.

360° Support, Deployment & Configurations

Every Apple device you lease will be supported by our Apple Consultants – Apple-certified experts who will configure and deploy your devices, while providing all the support you need.

Supercharge Productivity

Make sure your new team has the latest devices so they can do work from day one. Personalise their devices to their specific needs.

Power/Scale Up with DaaS for Apple

Download our Whitepaper Device as a Service

Get expert detail on how we can get new Apple & Windows technology into your business in a secure, agile Device as s Service…

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      DaaS Solutions – Premium & Essential

      Premium D4T

      Most Flexible

      If you’re looking for the ultimate flexible solution, then look no further than our Devices for Premium Teams solution.

      Essential D4T

      Most Affordable

      If you’re looking to have a simple yet affordable Device as a Service solution – Choose Devices for Teams Essential solution.

      The Devices for Teams difference

      We can tailor your solutions to fit your business needs. We are the ultimate one-stop DaaS solution that can offer you devices, pre-configuration, deployment, MDM solutions, and warranty without having to get them anywhere else. Keep everything in-house thanks to our own HardSoft Leasing Ltd company, so you won’t have to deal with an anonymous third party finance company.

      We have been in the industry for 35 years and we were a Startup once ourselves. HardSoft have always been a family run company. Trading since 1983, HardSoft have now helped over 5000 businesses lease their IT equipment as well as providing them with everything they need to help them grow.

      Join us! Clients joined on D4T

      For dynamic and scaling businesses

      Receive unrivalled flexibility and support.

      We have been helping Startup businesses with their equipment and IT infrastructure for years. We also know that during the period of growth, things move fast, and you’ll need the latest devices to get your teams straight to work as soon as possible.

      With our Devices for Teams solutions, you can avoid the expensive upfront costs of buying your teams equipment. You can pay monthly via our flexible DaaS solution, and also gives you the flexibility to flex up and down as you need to, when your teams need to, without penalty!

      Scaleup the right way and get the support, configuration, MDM solution, deployment, and hardware all under one solution with Devices for Teams.

      Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say

      Talk to us
      One to One with our IT director

      Need help transitioning to M1?

      We’re here to help.

      As we all know, it can be difficult to transfer what you have to a new device. That’s where we step in – We offer FREE 1-2-1 chat with our Apple engineer who can help you transition all your files, data, apps, and software from your current device to your new M1 Mac.

      We also offer FREE or assisted trials on the new M1 Macs. For 72 hours, you can see if the new M1 Macs are right for your business. You can test the Mac fully by putting all of your files, data, software, and anything else you require for your business on the device and fully test it in every way possible. We will then come and collect your device after your trial period and discuss with you what you think.

      Devices for Greener Teams

      An offer exclusive to Premium

      To help you with your environmental and sustainability goals, we’ve created our greenest offer yet with some of the most eco-friendly devices on the market.

      5x MacBook Pro, 10x Lenovo ThinkPad P14, 15x FairPhone 4: All 30 devices for £208 per week.

      Devices for Greener Teams not only helps you on your way to Net Zero, but is an inexpensive way to provide your business with the latest and most energy efficient devices.

      Our green devices have a reduced overall carbon emission equivalent to devices of a similar spec. From the extraction of materials to the manufacturing and eventual use of a device, less CO2 has been emitted into the atmosphere than in previous generations of the same devices.

      View Devices for Greener Teams

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