What makes us unique?

  • Your mix of kit – Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Surface and more
  • Add, Switch, or Return devices with NO Penalties
  • NO hidden admin fees
  • In-house support – we’re Members of the Apple Consultants Network
  • Bespoke, not formulaic Device as a Service
  • SafeGuard Protection against theft and accidental damage
  • We supply the finance AND the devices – a one stop solution

A choice of solutions

Some businesses will prioritise affordability during their lease, whereas others will need a more flexible IT solution for their ever changing business. Our unique DaaS solutions covers both!

Essential D4T is available at a cheaper rate on a standard 3 year. There is an option to Add devices during the lease, or renew or refresh devices when the lease expires.

Premium D4T is slightly more expensive, but allows customers to Switch and Return devices throughout the lease. Only pay for what you use without penalty.

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Highest rated Apple Authorised Reseller

The Reviews are in! We are the highest rated IT leasing specialists in the UK according to Trustpilot.

Our team are on hand to provide you with the perfect IT leasing solution tailored to your company’s specific needs. Every department, from Sales to Financial Services, want to ensure you have the best IT equipment, warranty, and technical support available to your business.

Thanks to our passionate team, we can offer an unmatched level of customer service. There’s a reason we are number one!

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Over 35 years in the industry

From Amstrad PC’s to Mac

HardSoft have always been a family company at heart. We’ve been trading since 1983 when brothers Andy and Phil Morgan became Co-Founders of the company.

HardSoft recognised IT equipment was expensive, making it a risky investment for businesses. Surely there was a better way to get the latest devices?

Since then, we’ve helped over 5000 businesses lease their IT equipment, making connections with customers, staff, and suppliers along the way. We’re a passionate team of people, and that’s what makes us different.

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HardSoft Leasing

Our in-house finance service

Thanks to our own in-house ‘bank’ , HardSoft Leasing Ltd , you won’t have to deal with an anonymous third party finance company. We are that ultimate one-stop DaaS solution that has the power to make the Terms and Conditions work for your organisation.

We are autonomous which means we can tailor solutions to suit your CFO and your CTO! Your direct debit is paid to the same company who supply and support you.


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Technical Support

Protecting your devices during your lease

When you lease your IT equipment from HardSoft, warranty is included, and your devices are protected!

Our highly trained, highly skilled technical team are on standby to support you and your equipment for the duration of your contract. Our SLA Agreement response time is just 1 hour, and one of the team will contact you to diagnose and resolve the issue.

If further assistance is required, our team are happy to come on site to repair the machine, no matter where you are in the UK. HardSoft also offer loan devices while the machine is being repaired, as we want to ensure your company will never be down a device or team member!


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Devices for Greener Teams

An offer exclusive to Premium

To help you with your environmental and sustainability goals, we’ve created our greenest offer yet with some of the most eco-friendly devices on the market.

5x MacBook Pro, 10x Lenovo ThinkPad P14, 15x FairPhone 4: All 30 devices for £208 per week.

Devices for Greener Teams not only helps you on your way to Net Zero, but is an inexpensive way to provide your business with the latest and most energy efficient devices.

Our green devices have a reduced overall carbon emission equivalent to devices of a similar spec. From the extraction of materials to the manufacturing and eventual use of a device, less CO2 has been emitted into the atmosphere than in previous generations of the same devices.

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