Protect your IT from the unexpected

Life is unpredictable. We all try to plan things as best as we can, but sometimes there are unexpected events that can change everything. From your business’ IT perspective, there are a number of things that can happen that would have a huge impact on your workday.

You could accidentally drop your Mac on the floor, resulting in a cracked screen. You could spill a drink on your Galaxy Book, or your Surface could be stolen and before you know it, you’re out of action until your device is fixed or replaced. There’s no way of predicting how long this will take, and could result in serious delays to your projects.

Protect your devices with SafeGuard

How can I protect my teams devices?

Get peace of mind with SafeGuard Protection! With a normal D4T lease, your devices aren’t protected against accidental damage and theft, but by adding SafeGuard, your teams devices are protected for the duration of your D4T lease, guaranteeing their safety!

If your device is damaged, our highly trained and experienced technical team are on hand to repair it as soon as possible. While your device is being repaired, we will send out a loan replacement machine until your device is fixed, so you won’t be out of action for long! If your device is stolen, a replacement unit will be supplied.

How can I make a claim on my devices?

SafeGuard offers cover against theft (including theft by employees and robbery), fire, flood, storm, vandalism, electrical disturbances, and falling objects.

You can claim once on each device on your lease per year. There is an excess of £75 per Mac or PC, and £29 per iPad or iPhone.

To see the full summary of our SafeGuard Asset Protection Policy click HERE. To make a claim on the devices in your D4T lease, you can contact us at , or you can call us on 0203 5537 032.

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