Trade Intel, Trade up.

Trade Intel, Trade up.

Trade-in any of your old Intel Apple Macs and get cash or a voucher to spend on Apple products.

Our easy and faff-free trade-in service is just what you need to give your office that long-overdue upgrade and it’s never been easier with our fixed pricing.

All we need to do is collect the device with all the original accessories such as the power cable, and that the device works.

M2 Max Pro Chip - scarily fast

Get cash or even more with our voucher

When you Trade-in your Apple Mac with an Intel Core processor, we will give you up to £500 cash, or a voucher worth up to £575, to spend as you wish on Apple products. See how much your old Intel Mac is worth and also save on a brand new M-series Mac.

Why upgrade to a new M-series Mac now?

Let the stats speak for themselves! Here, we compare a 13-inch MacBook Pro Intel Core i7 with the latest MacBook Pro M3 Max:

  • 49.1x faster 3D rendering
  • 5.5x faster image processing
  • 4x faster image editing
  • 8.1x faster dynamical system simulation

An M-series Mac also has up to 16-core CPU, 128GB unified memory, 40-core GPU and support for up to four external displays.

Trade in your M1 Mac

trade in your old macbook air 13-inch with m1 chip

MacBook Air

Cashback: £400
Voucher: £450

trade in your old macbook pro 13 inch with m1 chip

MacBook Pro 13″

Cashback: £450
Voucher: £500

trade in your old macbook pro 14 inch with m1 chip

MacBook Pro 14″

Cashback: £650
Voucher: £725

trade in your old macbook pro 16 inch with m1 chip

MacBook Pro 16″

Cashback: £775
Voucher: £850

All values above are for M1 models from November 2020 and later.

Trade in your Intel Mac

trade in your old intel macbook air 13-inch

MacBook Air

Cashback: £250
Voucher: £300

trade in your old intel macbook pro 13-inch

MacBook Pro 13″

Cashback: £300
Voucher: £350

trade in your old intel macbook pro 16-inch

MacBook Pro 15/16″

Cashback: £450
Voucher: £500

trade in your old intel imac computer with intel processor

iMac 27″

Cashback: £500
Voucher: £575

All values above are for 2018 Intel models or newer.

recycle old devices with devices for teams

Got other devices besides an Intel Mac?

Dig out your Windows or M-series Mac devices for trade-in

Trade them in for something new by simply filling out the form in the link below.

We’ll ask you to provide the serial number(s) of your Apple devices, and the make, model, and specifications of your Windows laptops and desktops.

Ready to trade-in and upgrade? Begin your trade in

Helping the environment one step at a time

We’re committed to doing what we can to help the environment.

Our Greener Teams solution and being designated a carbon-neutral site is proof we’re doing all we can to not only limit our own impact on the environment, but that of others.

Our Trade-in service is just one of a number of exciting ways we make it easy for our customers to cut waste, and reduce emissions. Check out our Recycling and Carbon Offset services to help you achieve your environmental goals.

Additionally, the new M-series Mac devices are built with a 100% recycled aluminium enclosure, and are packaged in low-plastic packaging, so you can be confident that your Mac refresh will be a green process.


What if my Apple device is older than 2018 or has an M1 chip instead of Intel processor?

If you have an older or a newer machine that has an M1 chip in it, please contact us on 0203 970 4994 or email us on

Can I use my Apple vouchers on any item on the Apple Store?

The vouchers are only available on Apple devices only. This excludes any Mac products, software and Apps.

How many Macs can I trade in?

You can trade in any of your old Macs (2018 or later for MacBook Air, 2017 or later for iMac & MacBook Pros) for a brand new one. If you have 5 old Macs, you will need to lease 5 new Macs to get the offer.

Can my device be collected?

Yes, we can pick up your old device from any UK address.

How do I send my old device to you?

Pack the device safely in a box to prevent any damage during transit. We’ll arrange a courier to collect the item from your chosen address, totally free of charge. 

How long do I have to send my old device to you?

You will need to get your old device to us within seven days of receiving your new device.  

I have sensitive data on my old device, how is this removed?

We wipe all devices clean as per the Infosec Standard 5, which is a government standard of data destruction.  

Does my old device have to work to be traded in?

No it doesn’t, but please be honest about its condition for a quick turn-around.  

Do I have to lease a new Mac to get the offer?

Yes, this offer only applies if you lease a new Mac with us.

What happens to my device once I trade it in?

Once we receive your device, we will wipe it completely. When the device has been inspected and it is in working condition, we will arrange the Mac on your new lease to be sent to you and your account manager will arrange the cash back.

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