Preparing for End of Lease

If you’re nearing the end of your leasing term there are a number of ways to help ensure a smooth transition, whether you choose to extend, refresh, purchase, or cancel altogether.

This guide will help you safely return your equipment, and avoid any unexpected charges at the end of your Devices for Teams solution.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries.

Your choice of options

Continue with your current devices along with support and services.

Upgrade to the latest tech with the assistance of your account manager.

Pay fair market value. Benefit from flexible financing options over 12 or 24 months if needed.

End your lease by returning all devices, in a smooth transition.

Pick n’ Mix
Tailor your choices per device according to your business’s needs.

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End of lease process

We recommend that you begin end-of-contract planning six months prior to the contracted date.

Although this may seem a considerable length of time, there are often a number of considerations, such as the organisation’s future technology requirements, financial drivers, and operational needs.

Packaged and ready to ship?

Ensure the use of suitable packaging:

  • Use strong, good quality boxes, reinforced with packing tape; (We can provide packaging for a fee).
  • Allow sufficient space for item(s) to be protected from impact and movement with packing material.
  • Include all associated peripheral devices and power cables.
  • Please provide us with at least 72 hours’ notice so we can arrange a convenient collection date.

Please be aware

Some important information to take note of

  • Assets must be delivered within 14 days of the contract end date unless otherwise agreed.
  • All equipment (including accessories, cables and chargers) must be returned in full working order and in good condition.
  • Fair wear and tear is accepted.
  • Unacceptable wear and tear is chargeable.
  • All assets must be reset to manufacturers settings; assets returned with passwords and iCloud accounts are considered ‘Dead on Return’ and full replacement value will be charged.

Return conditions

We understand that despite our clients’ diligent equipment maintenance, wear and tear is inevitable. See below the conditions we do and don’t accept.

Return conditions we can accept

Here’s what we classify as normal wear and tear: faded keyboard lettering, minor color fading on plastic, surface scratches on plastic or metal bases, and removal of client asset tag labels, stickers, and help desk numbers.

Return conditions we cannot accept

If your equipment has any of the following conditions, then a fee will apply that will need to be paid within 14 days of invoice. We will provide supporting images of the condition of your equipment with the invoice.

ID Removal

Removal of OEM serial number identification, FCC product tags, or Microsoft COA.


Security, Anti-Theft Marking, for example stamped, scored or burnt markings into case.

Password Protected

BIOS/Admin passwords not removed from machine, locking processor/hard drive.

Cracks and Chips

Cracked and/or chipped plastics, bent metal frames.

Damaged Parts

Broken and/or missing hinges and latch catches.

Scratched Screens

Scratched monitor glass and/or LCD panels, LCD cracked beyond repair.

Screen Burn

“White spots”, screen burn on smartphones, laptop, tablet and monitor glass.

Missing Parts

Missing key caps from keyboards, missing or damaged keys on a laptop or portable.

Discolouration and Dirt

Major equipment discolouration or dirt unable to resale/reuse.

Ready to return!

Have you restored your device to factory settings and removed all your data? Click here for our guide on how to restore Apple devices

Is the device packaged safely with all the accessories?

Are you aware that if the device is damaged in transit or falls below our unacceptable return conditions or there are items missing, you will be charged?

Alternatively, you can all 0207 1111 643 or email 


If your equipment is still serving its purpose, we can extend your agreement. You may benefit from reduced rental payments by requesting a formal lease extension for a fixed term or your choice.

Contact our admin team ( to discuss options available to you. You will be invoiced for the fair market value for any items damaged or not returned at End of Lease.

HardSoft HQ, 36 Bell Street. Sawbridgeworth, CM21 9AN

If the company or any employee wishes to purchase an asset, we can provide a quote upon request. Payment must be received by the agreement end date.

Providing the equipment is safely packaged and ready for collection. We will arrange a convenient date for our couriers at our cost to collect the equipment. There is a fee of £50, should the equipment not be ready for collection on the agreed date.

Yes, we can ship you boxes and packing materials for a small fee. You would then need to package this up at your end and book in your collection a few days later.

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