End of ContractDevice Collection

Read our Guide to make sure you’re ready to book a collection. It’s been a pleasure to have had you as a customer but it’s now time to arrange return of your devices.

d4t recycling

    Firstly, Click here to Download and Read our comprehensive Guide.

    Then once the Devices are ready, data removed and removed from Find My Device, BitLocker or any similar security (if you don’t then additional fees may apply) then please complete the following:

      Please read the following, and by submitting this form, you acknowledge the following:

      *You have removed the Device from (where applicable) Find My Device, removed any BIOS passwords, any internal management systems or removed Bitlocker. The costs to remove such will be charge back to you and in cases where we cannot remove these security locks then Fair Market Value will be charged.

      *You have included the charger and where applicable the mouse and keyboard and all accessories. For any missing items there will be a fee invoiced to you. Be aware that many accessories can be expensive.

      *The condition of the device being is only subject to 'fair wear and tear' and you acknowledge that there is an additional fee should the condition of the device fall below our accceptable standards of return.

      *Equipment that is due to be collected will be securely packaged and should this item be damaged due to poor packaging, liability will be the customers responsibility and not that of HardSoft or their courier company.

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