Environmental Social Governance

The importance of ESG in the business landscape has surged in recent years. It is vital for companies to be compliant with ESG guidelines. Here at HardSoft, we do everything we can to contribute to a better, greener society.

ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance


ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) standards are used to evaluate a business’s conscientiousness regarding environmental and social factors.

HardSoft understands that our actions have an impact far beyond our business and we aim to be ESG compliant at all times, committing to making a real difference to the world we live in.


We want to make our internal operations greener. For logistics, we have switched to electric vans, and we use recyclable packaging in our shipments.

In the office we use 100% renewable electricity, and have encouraged recycling in the workplace. Our customers also have access to a number of green offers, including our PreLoved devices, and Recycle your Mac/PC.



Its always been important to HardSoft to help where we can, and even more so in in the recent troubling times we all find ourselves in, and we always aim to accommodate the needs of our staff.

We also want to help out outside of the company too. During the pandemic, we supplied local schools with IT equipment to help with the transition to home learning during lockdown. We also support various charities, and have also organised events such as fun-runs and skydiving to raise money for good causes!



Ever since brothers Phil and Andy Morgan founded HardSoft in 1984, we’ve been a family company, and all shareholders at HardSoft are part of that family.

We’ve always operated in the UK, complied with all UK company law, and are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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Our Green Customers

We have been actively encouraging applications from environmental startup and scaleup businesses. We want to help grow their business by providing them with the latest tech, at the most affordable price.

Whether its promoting electric travel, battling food waste, or simply using more sustainable packaging, just like us our customers share a vision of a better world for everyone to live in.




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