Choose Microsoft Surface

Choose Microsoft Surface

Explore the sleek, powerful, and innovative Surface range and see how each device can be easily configured and deployed to your workforce with Devices for Teams.

Devices for Teams is the single-source device as a service (DaaS) solution which provides the hardware, software, and support to your business, so you stay efficient, productive, and ahead of the competition.

The Surface range in a nutshell

The family of Microsoft Surface devices has something for every worker. The business-grade devices are sleek, lightweight, and offer varying levels of power and performance. Here’s a brief overview of the Surface range for you to get an idea of what’s on offer.

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FEATURED image of Surface Hub 2 in black

Surface Hub 2S

A cutting-edge meetings platform specifically designed for hybrid teams.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

Surface Laptop Studio

The most powerful Surface laptop device, perfect for the most intense workloads.

Surface Laptop

Surface Laptop

Highly mobile, hybrid laptop with full-sized keyboard and large screen.

Surface Pro 9

Surface Pro

The best of both worlds, a highly portable laptop and tablet device.

surface HoloLens

HoloLens 2

A holographic augmented reality headset for natural content interaction

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Microsoft Surface Go

Surface Go

The lightest and most affordable Surface laptop with excellent battery life.

Surface pro 8

Let your workers choose

When it comes to managing your staff across multiple locations, it’s important to have a device management strategy in place to maintain and monitor productivity, provide support for when issues arise, and ensures the security of your data.

The Surface family is as diverse as your workforce, whether you need the versatility of a 2-in-1 with an optional detachable touch screen, or a powerful laptop built on Intel’s VPro platform for more demanding workloads.

When it comes to security and productivity monitoring, Surface offers an easy way to deploy and maintain each device with Microsoft Intune and Autopilot. The pre-configuration and MDM software is a vital component in all remote-working solutions.

Surface with Devices for Teams

Devices for Teams is the simplest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to start benefitting from Surface devices in your business. Our range of services and years of experience gives you a trusted partner for all your IT needs. Find out more below.

All under one roof

Everything you think you need to deploy and maintain business IT devices in your business, we can provide. We’ve reinvented leasing to become an all-encompassing solution so you don’t have to search around for financing, support, or any other service needed for the upkeep of your IT infrastructure.

Speedy deployment

We not only supply hardware, but we can pre-configure and deploy each device based on the needs of each staff member, and they’ll be ready to use straight out the box. We can repurpose unused devices and deliver them straight to homes and offices.

Expert support

Our two-tier support wrapper ensures you have an expert to hand when you need them. Our tech support team are members of the Apple Consultant Network and have been fully trained in the full Google Workspace suite, as well as have many years’ experience solving problems in all things IT.

Switch or return when needed

Enjoy the flexibility to switch or return up to 50% of your IT devices after just 12 months, without penalty. This ensures you always have the devices you need in your business, whether you’re scaling up or down.

Choosing the right Surface

Be mobile with Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Surface Pro 9 is the original 2-in-1 detachable laptop, designed to transform into a tablet to give you more mobility and collaborative opportunities than what can be achieved with the standard clamshell.

The advantages in portability with Surface Pro 9 are increased further if you opt for the 5G model, giving you untethered, ultra-low latency connectivity, wherever you choose to set up your workspace.

With the latest generation of processors in Surface Pro 9, you get all the power and productivity of any laptop – only, not every laptop can become a highly manoeuvrable tablet device in just a couple of seconds.

Choose Surface Pro 9 to power through intense workloads when also requiring to be on the move.

Power through with Microsoft Surface Laptop 5

The intuitive and efficient use of touch from the Surface Pro 9 is seamlessly integrated into a full laptop experience with Surface laptop 5. Meaning you get a proper sized keyboard, more power, and a larger screen, as well as the option to control and collaborate with the touch of a finger.

The Surface Laptop 5 is the all-rounder laptop that all your hybrid-working teams can benefit from: It’s powerful, lasts all day on a single charge, and is sleek and lightweight, all perfect attributes for the mobility-first worker.

Choose Surface Laptop 5 for workers with more intense workloads such as creatives, or video editors.

Intune and Autopilot

isometric illustration of microsoft autopilot

Preconfigure with Microsoft Autopilot

The simple zero-touch deployment solution

Included out the box with Surface, Autopilot configures device settings, rules, applications, and anything else your employees need to be ready for business. It works entirely in the cloud so there’s no physical infrastructure to deal with, and is used in conjunction with Intune, which is the MDM software you need to manage the devices over the long run.

With Autopilot, you can reset, repurpose, and recover devices with ease to minimise downtime and get your remote workers up to full productivity.

person holding a mobile device with all their apps illustrated as flying out of the mobile. Intune logo in corner

Manage and control with Microsoft Intune

A powerful MDM to control your devices

Intune is used to control how any Windows, Apple, or Android device is used, whether personal or corporate owned. Examples include restricting email or forcing the use of a screen lock on mobiles, and it can also integrate natively with Office 365 apps for greater control.

Intune ensures all the devices in your business comply with security requirements, and makes sure data is accessed and shared in the correct way, offering you many levels of control over the devices used by your staff.

Learn about WFH with Surface and Intune

Learn how Microsoft Intune & Surface can work together to monitor, manage, and secure your staff’s computer equipment with seamless interaction. Our live demos will take you through the power of Surface and how it meets the needs of any industry or role.

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Microsoft Intune and Autopilot FAQs

How do we automate deployment of our devices?

Your Microsoft Surface devices can take advantage of zero-touch deployment with Autopilot. This means that device hardware information is registered by HardSoft before they are shipped, so that when they reach the end user and turned on, they automatically enrolled into Microsoft Intune and applications, security policies, and other settings are automatically installed.

What can we do if a device is lost or stolen?

If any device enrolled onto Microsoft Intune becomes lost or stolen, you have the ability to remotely lock or completely wipe the device. Additionally, using Location Services built into the MDM enables you to track that device once requested.

Can we restrict a user from being an Administrator?

On the initial setup of the deployment profile we can set all users to only have Standard user rights as default with no Admin ability. If required, we are able to provide individual users with local admin rights but most will never need to be local admin which also helps protect the device.

How do we stop users installing applications that are not approved?

For users with Standard rights, only applications pushed via Microsoft Intune would be installed and managed. Users would not have the required privileges to install applications thus providing control over what applications are installed.

How do we ensure all of our devices are protected?

Microsoft Intune can ensure your Anti-Virus program is installed and you can also set a policy for all devices to enable Bitlocker drive encryption. Bitlocker recovery keys are stored for each device within Microsoft Intune. Compliance Policies are also available so you can be notified if a device becomes non-compliant.

Can we ensure our devices are up to date?

Microsoft Intune allows you to create update rings, this ensures updates are installed at specified maintenance schedules. Windows 11 can also be pushed to your devices and specify how long users can defer updates.

Is this only for Windows devices or can I enrol my Mac devices, too?

No, not at all. Intune is for every environment and can be used for Windows, Apple (including iOS and iPadOS), and Android devices.

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