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Brothers, Andrew & Phil Morgan founded HardSoft back in 1984 when they were just teenagers. How things have changed!

Devices for Teams is just one solution of a portfolio of IT leasing solutions for business.

1984 and brothers Andrew & Phil had an idea…

17 year old Andrew Morgan and 15 year old Phil wanted to help businesses get their hands on the latest Amstrad computers in an affordable way. At that time £2000 would get you a 32K hard drive the size of a shoebox.

Back then, most businesses were leasing their Franking machines or copiers so why can’t they lease computers? And the Flexi-Lease solution was born! Time may have passed but we still help our customers with innovative subscription models including Devices for Teams. We have a passionate team that work with Andrew & Phil’s family business. The HardSoft Team is here to help you and your business succeed and grow!

We are rated ‘excellent’ by our customers

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HardSoft Leasing Ltd

A true one-stop solution…

Daas without the Faff.

HardSoft Leasing Limited is our ‘banking’ arm that provides bespoke financing for Devices for Teams.

Founders Andrew and Phil Morgan knew that ‘off the shelf’ DaaS solutions on the market were inadequate. So we opened our own finance arm with our own money.

We now provide not just the equipment but the finance as well. Hence we have two solutions, Essential and Premium, with the option to Switch and Return devices and importantly no unexpected finance fees!

Since creating HardSoft Leasing Ltd, we now have over 500 customers. This is a One-Stop DaaS Solution meaning all of your direct debit payments, paperwork and delivery of your hardware is handles by us. One sole contact point for all your needs.

The D4T difference

Why is leasing from HardSoft any different than leasing from any other company?

We’re not just a leasing company, nor are we just a supplier, we are a fully integrated solution.

We care about our customers and the experience that they have with us, we listen to them and try to develop new offerings that fit with their business.

HardSoft provides every customer exceptional One-Stop Computer Leasing. This is a completely unique approach that combines Financial & Tech expertise that identifies & deploys the perfect leasing solution to our customers.

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