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Incentive Reward Scheme

The devices are for business, the points are for you.

When you become a Devices for Teams customer, you can opt in to be rewarded for your purchases with our Rewards for Teams loyalty programme. This means that as you place orders, you’ll be rewarded with points to spend on a vast range of products, from Kitchen appliances to Garden Furniture, or even a holiday abroad.

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Rewards for Teams is more than a customer loyalty programme. It’s your own space for everything you need, from raising support tickets and management services, to learning about the latest devices and receiving updates on our solutions.

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There’s more ways to earn

Engage with us to earn yourself more

There are several ways you can earn points and save towards the perfect rewards. You can earn points for reading our blog posts or watching our informative webinar videos. You will even get a special bonus on your birthday and be gifted with points when you sign up.

So make sure you’re taking full advantage of all we have to offer, and earn points along the way – it really is a win-win.

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I have a Membership Number and Activation PIN; how do I register?

To begin, head to rewardsforteams.co.uk/invitation 

Enter your Membership Number and Activation PIN and click Next Step. Follow the registration process including acceptance of the scheme Terms and Conditions. You must accept the Terms and Conditions to participate in the programme.  

Who in my company is responsible for managing our Rewards for Teams account and spending points?

You can nominate a person within your organisation to be responsible for your Rewards for Teams account. This includes being able to earn and spend points.  

You will only have one account for your whole organisation, with the login being able to be shared among employees if required. 

How do I view my points balance and statement?

You can view your current balance on the Account Bar at the top of the page. You can see further details about your points balance by checking the My Statement page. 

How do I spend my Rewards for Teams points?

Spending points is just like shopping online. Navigate to the Spend Points section at the top left of the screen and start browsing for items you wish to purchase. After finding something you like, add it to your basket and checkout, or continue shopping.  

You will need to make sure you have enough points for the items you wish to purchase.  

What are pending points?

Pending Points are those awaiting verification before being awarded to your account. Pending Points are not available to spend until they have been verified. 

Will my points expire?

If left unspent, your points will expire. Before any points expire, you will receive a number of emails to notify you and give you a fair chance to spend your points, so please ensure your email address is always up to date. You can also view any points that are due to expire on your Statement page. 

Are points just for products?

No, you can get lots of different rewards such as experiences and holidays. 

When do I receive my rewards for teams’ points?

You will receive your points monthly and you will be sent a monthly statement that will go to your email address. 

Is every customer able to join the Rewards for Teams programme?

Yes, every Devices for Teams customer can join the programme. 

What happens if I change my mind after I have placed an order?

If you change your mind after placing an order, please contact the Rewards Team using the Message Centre or live chat.  

Unfortunately, once an order is placed it may not be possible to cancel the order or choose an alternative reward. 

Digital rewards such as gift cards or tickets are often delivered immediately and are non-refundable in most cases.  

It looks like my order hasn’t been sent yet, how long should it take?

Please allow up to 28 days from the date of order before enquiring about a non-delivery.  

You can contact the Rewards Team through the message centre or live chat when logged in to your account. To help you more quickly please have your account number and order confirmation number ready. 

What do I do if an item is faulty, broken or I receive the wrong items?

Please click here to refer to our Returns Policy, which can be found at section 12 of the Terms and Conditions. 


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