The stats speak for themselves...

Find out about the real-world impact of refreshing business devices every two years, with data by Forrester.

By surveying a diverse group of 416 global directors with decision making power in IT, operations, or finance, the results leave no room for doubt...

Support for remote work

Newer devices support remote work demands like video conferencing and collaboration tools, enhancing productivity from any location.

Access newer technology faster

Regular hardware upgrades boost efficiency through faster processors, improved capabilities, and enhanced software compatibility.

Employee satisfaction

Providing modern, high-performance devices enhances employee well-being and boosts productivity.


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Reported improved staff productivity.

0 %

Said that a 3-year refresh reduced productivity.


0 %

Experienced improved security.

Compared to 57% who believed delated hardware updated involved security risks.

Advanced security features

Frequent hardware upgrades enhance security with the latest features and firmware updates, guarding against modern cyber threats.

Security compliance

Maintain compliance with security standards and regulations by using devices with the latest security features.

Minimized security costs

Improved security results in reduced expenses related to security breaches, investigations, and remediation efforts.

Electronic Waste Reduction

Regular hardware upgrades lead to the repurposing and recycling of older devices, reducing electronic waste.

Resource Conservation

Extending the life of devices conserves valuable resources, raw materials and energy required for manufacturing new devices.

Reuse and Repair

Devices can be cascaded through multiple users, allowing for repair, upgrades, and reuse, further extending their lifespan.


0 %

Reached sustainability targets faster.

0 %

Said a three-year refresh cycle weakens sustainability.

a 3 year refresh changing to a 2 year refresh cycle for business devices.

A three-year refresh is too slow for most businesses

Adopting Devices for Teams’ two-year refresh cycle contributes to boosted productivity, security and sustainability. Giving you all the IT equipment you need, on a cashflow-friendly subscription plan, allowing you to refresh at regular interval with all the support and security you need.

Lets explore how Devices for Teams can boost your business by accelerating your refresh cycle…

Build a solution
house with the benefits from D4T and all under one roof

A single source solution

All under one roof

Devices for Teams reinvents the idea that leasing is inflexible and complex. We are a single-source, all-under-one-roof solution to get the latest and best devices into your business, without breaking the bank, and without causing any logistical headaches.

From supply to zero-touch deployment, to ongoing expert support, and of course the financing when you choose Devices for Teams you can be confident your business can grow and succeed like never before from a single source for all.

The benefits of Devices for Teams

Tax and cashflow

Affordable, flexible, OpEx-friendly monthly payments

Switch, Add, Return

Always have the devices you need as your business scales up or down

Inclusive Support

Gold 360° support with every device, including remote device management

Carbon Offset

Carbon-offset your devices and help your business achieve net zero

Trusted partner

Over 35-years’ experience partnering with Apple, Microsoft, Dell and others.

All under one roof

Get everything from a single source where 98% of customers get approved

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