What is DaaS?

DaaS, or Device as a Service, Explained

Confused about DaaS (Device as a Service)? Don’t worry, it’s a jungle out there with “Desktop as a Service” or “Drone as a Service” also taking the DaaS acronym for themselves.

Dive into our guide to unravel the mystery, discover why it’s a game-changer for businesses, and find out if it’s the perfect fit for you.

Let’s decode Device as a Service together!

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A device subscription model

DaaS, or Device as a Service, offers an end-to-end, subscription-based model that’s more than just leasing hardware. 

By partnering with a single provider, businesses access a fully-comprehensive suite of devices and services, simplifying IT resource management and streamlining device acquisition, maintenance, and support.

We’re all used to employing a SaaS model, such as Adobe CC or Microsoft 365, it’s not time to put our trust in the DaaS model for all of our hardware needs. 

With Devices for Teams, this model becomes even more flexible and offers more than most under a single roof

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The benefits of DaaS Device as a Service for business


Enjoy predictable monthly payments and eliminate the need for large upfront costs.


Flexibly adjust your IT infrastructure to meet evolving business needs.

Flexible Terms

Choose terms that align with your business needs and financial constraints.


Ensure device and data security with built-in features and updates.

Under one roof

It's simple having a single-source provider for finance, devices, support, and more.

the latest tech

Stay up-to-date with regular hardware and software upgrades.

More productive

Maintain workforce productivity with reliable devices and expert support.

Greater focus

Redirect your resources to core business activities while we manage your IT.

How does DaaS work?

In the DaaS framework, businesses pay a predictable monthly fee to a single supplier, for a bundled package that includes hardware, support, maintenance, security, and upgrades.

This model ensures flexibility in scaling up or down, adapting to technological advancements, and maintaining a consistent budget.

Click here to explore everything that our DaaS solution, Devices for Teams, has to offer to businesses.

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Webinar: Demystify Device as a Service

Join our Co-owners and Business Development Director as they introduce Device as a Service (DaaS) by Devices for Teams.

Get everything done with our self-service portal

Introducing Dave, your go-to self-service portal for streamlining your daily operations.

From ordering new devices to managing software subscriptions, raising support tickets, and reviewing agreements and contracts, Dave has you covered—all within one convenient platform.

When you log in, you’ll land on the dashboard, your central hub for device management, support ticketing, service navigation, and device catalog building.

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Switch or return devices at 12 months

Devices for Teams uniquely offers the ability to switch and return devices after 12 months, providing unparalleled flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs.

Certified Support Team

Our expert support team holds certifications from major tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell, and Lenovo, ensuring top-notch assistance and seamless deployment.

Brand Agnostic

Choose from a wide range of brands including Apple, Microsoft, Dell, and Lenovo, allowing you to select devices that best fit your requirements.

Precise Configuration

Devices are configured precisely to your needs, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with your business operations.

Software Deployment

Enjoy hassle-free deployment of essential applications such as Adobe CC and Office 365, managed for your convenience.

40 Years of Experience

With over four decades in the industry, Devices for Teams brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every client interaction.

Apple Authorised Reseller

As an authorised reseller of Apple products, you can trust in the authenticity and quality of the devices provided.

Security Assurance

Devices for Teams prioritizes security, evidenced by ISO 27001 verification, providing peace of mind for your business operations.

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