More than just smartphones

More than just smartphones

Give your business the support and flexibility it needs when deploying smartphones

Phones for Teams takes care of every stage of your mobile life cycle.

We’ll help you find the best smartphone for your business and match it with a reliable, cost-effective SIM plan.

Your device will be quickly supplied, and pre-configured if needed with your bespoke accounts, software and settings. From the first day to the last, your device will be protected and supported.

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Take back control

Configure and deploy devices with ease

An MDM platform lets you manage the security, apps, and permissions of your business smartphones in one place.

With Jamf for iPhone and Knox for Samsung Galaxy, you can enjoy zero-touch deployment, automatic device updates and encryption, device tracking and remote data wiping.

Built-in security handles threats without burdening users, and password policies with multi-factor authentication can be enforced with every login.

To learn, more about Mobile Device Management, click here.

What you get from Devices for Teams


The latest devices, delivered quickly. Configured to your needs.

SIM Cards

On the UK’s major networks, with business-friendly terms.


Our technical solutions are tailored to fit your business.


We are ISO 27001 certified, you can trust us to handle secure information.


Your safety net if tech is damaged or stolen – keep going with a loan device.

Single Bill Provider

Reduce your paperwork and maximise convenience for your business.

All in one solution with 3 different icons and a house

Ditch the IT Department

Your team members can receive devices tailored to their needs, straight out of the box!

Configure every device to the needs of your team, giving them the tools they need from the start.

iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices can be delivered to your employees, already having access to apps, files, servers, security settings and much more.

Image of a woman using a Samsung galaxy with an image of a Fairphone logo.

Revive your devices

Securely reset, re-provision and re-deploy your smartphones

When an employee leaves or changes role, Boomerang can help you repurpose their old device for the next user.

We’ll collect the device, wipe it’s data and store it until needed. At which point we’ll pre-configure it with the settings to suit the needs of the new user, and ship it straight to them.

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