Intel VPro and Evo explained

A new class of business laptop with faster performance, higher-spec materials, cutting-edge security, and unparalleled user experience now exists thanks to the stringent requirements of the VPro and Evo badges.

Look out for VPro-enabled and Evo-certified business machines and get a device you trust and love.

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Intel VPro, i5, i7, i9

VPro brings secure management capabilities

VPro is a large collection of hardware technologies which greatly enhance the security and remote management capabilities of your laptop devices.

VPro-enabled Intel laptops come equipped with time- and cost-saving features on top of cutting-edge security, designed for the modern business:

  • Multi-core, multi-threaded processors for increased speed.
  • Active Management Technology (AMT) so you can remotely access devices even if the OS is down or the power is off.
  • A Trusted Platform Module to help establish if operating systems are authentic and ensure they are started in a trusted environment.
  • Enhanced security features such as data and identity protection technology, as well as Intel Secure Key. Intel Hardware Shield provides advanced security protection below the operating system which stays ever vigilant, actively checking for attacks.
intel evo, i5, i7, i9

Evo-certified laptops deliver a premium user experience

Evo is a set of high-spec requirements manufactures must meet with their hardware, which improves the user experience and formfactor of a device.

All Evo-enabled laptops must wake in less than a second and could include gaze wake for even faster access. In terms of specs, you will find a minimum of 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and 11th Gen Intel processors in your Evo-enabled laptops.

The requirement for WiFi 6 and Thunderbolt or USB 4 ensures low latency data transfer, and that chargers and cables are of cutting-edge and universal design, saving on energy and resources. Additionally, a body thickness of under 15mm ensures every intel Evo laptop is portable, irrespective of being a 2-in-1 or standard clamshell.

Other features include touch-enabled displays, narrow bezels, precision touchpads, and a minimum of 720p webcam, to bring about the best user experience for your workforce, so they can get on with what’s important to them on a device they are proud of.

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