Apple Mac Desktops

Built for power.

Apple desktops come in a variety of forms, but are united by powerful performance and MacOS features. 

Choose between iMac, Mac Studio, Mac mini and Mac Pro, with the DaaS benefits of Devices for Teams. 

Mac studio and display

Apple Ecosytem

Benefit from connecting your Mac to your other Apple devices, thanks to the Apple ecosystem.


Backup your files with iCloud, allowing you to access them from any of your connected Apple devices.

All-in-one Option

If you don't want a seperate desktop and monitor, then opt for iMac, Apple's all-in-one desktop option.

Apple Care

Protect your Mac and and all your other business Apple devices with Apple Care Enterprise.

Apple iMac

With it’s built in 24-inch retina display, and 4.5k resolution, iMac is a great choice for creatives in need of crisp detail and brightness.

The six-speaker sound system adds to the appeal, perfect for editing and watching back video content. Plus, with a range of colour options available, you can really make your setup your own with iMac. 

imacs in varying colours

Apple Mac Studio

Mac Studio offers advanced performance in a compact form.

The M2 Max chip is suitable for tasks such as music production, video editing, and effects processing.

Alternatively, the M2 Ultra, combining two M2 Max chips, handles demanding workflows like 3D rendering, complex simulations, and video transcoding.

mac studiio

Apple Mac mini

With its range of ports and miniature size, Mac mini easily and discretely integrates into various setups. 

Mac mini is suitable for less intensive tasks than that of the Mac studio, such as photo editing, image upscaling, video editing, transcoding, code compiling, and general productivity. 

Apple Mac Pro

Mac Pro combines Apple M2 Ultra chips with PCIe expansion for specialised workflows.

The Mac Pro features seven expansion slots, six of which are PCIe gen 4, providing enhanced bandwidth for audio, video, and storage cards.

It’s perfect for the most data intensive workloads, tailored for tasks such as compositing 8k video scenes, rendering effects and analysing ginormous data sets.

Apple with Devices for Teams

monthly payment

Single Direct Debit

Enjoy the affordability of OpEx monthly payments for your tech, support and more.

switch add return devices

Switch, Add, Return

Always have the devices you need as your business scales up or down.

Device Enrolment

Get the settings and software you need, deployed to each device prior to shipping.

Unlimited Choice

Choose your mix of devices from a range of manufacturers based on your business needs.

40 years

Trusted partner

Over 40 years of experience and accredited by ISO 27001 and The Finance & Leasing Association.

all under one roof

All under one roof

Get everything from a single source and manage it all with our self-service portal.

SafeGuard your Mac with Devices for Teams

With SafeGuard Protection Cover, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Apple Mac desktops are safeguarded against theft (including employee theft and robbery), fire, flood, storm, vandalism, electrical issues, and even falling objects.

If your desktop gets damaged, our skilled and experienced technical team will be ready to repair it promptly. In case of theft, a replacement unit will be provided without any hassle.

Get the most out of your Mac with an Apple display

Apple displays integrate seamlessly with Apple desktops, ensuring that creative professionals and business users experience the ultimate in clarity, detail, and performance. 

The Apple Studio Display offers stunning 5K resolution, perfect for detailed design work and immersive visual experiences.

For more demanding applications, the Apple Pro XDR Display delivers groundbreaking 6K resolution with extreme dynamic range, providing unparalleled color accuracy and brightness.

apple xdr display
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