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30th June 2022

How Does Carbon Offsetting For Computer Devices Work?

Carissa Parnell

What Is Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is the process of compensating for the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 emissions) arising from human activity, including business and industry.

The emissions are compensated for by financially investing in schemes and programmes designed to aid reductions in CO2 in the atmosphere. This subsequently counterbalances emissions and, on a wider scale, works towards net zero for the country as a whole.recycle logo with devices inside

The investments go towards schemes such as reforestation. Creating new forests in the UK reduces CO2 in the atmosphere as trees take in CO2 and give out oxygen.

In addition to burning fossil fuels for our power and industry, logging and deforestation are one of the biggest reasons for high emissions. Removing those forests and woodlands gives the planet less ways to reabsorb CO2.

The production and usage of computer hardware is a human activity which produces significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

What Is Net Zero?

The complete negation of all greenhouse gases produced via human activity.

This is achieved by a mix of reducing emissions in production methods and utilising methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The latter thereby offsets carbon that is still released by human activity.

What Carbon Offsetting Doesn’t Do

It does not prevent human activity from releasing CO2.

It is also separate from the equally important and environmentally friendly goal of reducing the level of emissions from a particular activity by changing the methods.

Offsetting merely compensates for emissions that are still produced by helping all CO2 be reabsorbed.

Why Is Carbon Offsetting Important?

  • It will help you move towards net zero.
  • It will help your business keep in line with government targets for net zero and prevent you from being fined.
  • It will ensure your business remains compliant as more legislation comes into law for net zero and sustainable computing.
  • It will help save the planet by lessening the severe climate consequences that some countries have already faced e.g., unpredicted extreme storms, flooding, drought, and wildfires.carbon offset logo in a green laptop
  • Customers care about carbon offsetting and environmentalism.

Why Is Carbon Offsetting Your Computer Hardware So Useful?

The production of computer equipment produces greenhouse gasses. The production of a laptop + its logistics and first five years of use average at about 500kgs of emissions. That is quite significant and a high emission rating for a product.

Why Should You Care About Carbon Offsetting And Net Zero?

The UK government has set a target of 2050 for net zero for the country. Some businesses have already been fined for failing to reduce emissions or put a plan in place to improve environmentally friendly policies.

Businesses could face legislative penalties for being non-compliant with the net zero goal.

Carbon offsetting helps businesses reach net zero.

Why Choose Devices for Teams For Carbon Offsetting Your Computer Hardware

Devices for Teams provides one of the most affordable carbon offsetting systems on the market today for computer hardware.

With only an additional 3% cost to the devices you lease, Devices for Teams has been able to take some of the financial pain out of carbon offsetting.

How Easy Is It To Do Carbon Offsetting With Devices for Teams?

Devices for Teams is not only one of the most affordable carbon offsetting options for businesses sourcing IT hardware, but we are also one of the simplest and most convenient processes.devices for greener teams

Devices for Teams and the manufacturers we work alongside do the heavy lifting of your carbon offsetting.

All you need do is select the devices that you would like to lease, and then let us know that you would like to carbon offset them.

The devices will cost 3% more, so we can reinvest that money into effective carbon absorption schemes in the UK and around the world.

Certification providing proof of your carbon offsetting contribution will be sent to you.

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